55L/65L trekking backpack

Second-generation CR lightweight comfortable bear technology:

  • Light aluminum bracket reduce 50% weight than the traditional aluminum bar, increase by 30% on intensity.
  • The back plate with mesh design better increase the back of the breath;
  • Upgraded 3D ventilation of shoulder strap make user feel very comfortable,
  • The design of the waist-care part is wider than the first generation;
  • The waist middle divider allows the user to easily tighten the backpack, thus make the entire weight applied to the crotch portion.
Model No. NH16Y020-Q NH16Y065-Q
Color Army green, black,, azure gray
Capacity 55+5L 65+5L
Dimension 76×32×23cm 78×33.5×25cm
Weight 1920g  1980g
Material 100% nylon, YNS fasteners, aluminum fast buckle