2022 Christmas Gift Guide for You

It can be difficult to choose a present for someone who enjoys the outdoors if you don't yourself. It could be difficult to choose something they need and will value because they already have so much equipment. Or perhaps they've developed a new interest in the great outdoors, and you want to be sure your gift will be useful. However, we here list some gift choices with discounted prices for you to pick up the right one for your loved one.

1. Inflatable Air Camping Pillow $43.96

inflatable camping pillow

The finest sleeping arrangements for backpacking and camping consist of a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and pillow that most nearly resembles your bed at home. Although pillows may appear insignificant and are frequently disregarded, they can mean the difference between sleeping well and tossing and turning all night. The camping pillow shown above is skin-friendly and foldable, which is an ideal gift for campers who still have no camping pillow yet.

2. Multi-functional Down Outdoor Blanket Shawl $43.96

Multi-functional Down Outdoor Blanket Shawl

The secret to a nice camping trip or comforting fireside hug may be a warm, lightweight blanket. We suggest you should put your eyesight on this multi-functional down blanket. Its package size is perfect small for outdoorsy people to carry around when camping. It will be a good addition to them when sitting outside the tent and chatting with each other. Besides, this blanket is not only can be used outside but also can bring warmth to you and your loved one when staying at home.

3. YL08 Ultralight Foldable Camping Chair $47.99

YL08 Ultralight Foldable Camping Chair

A comfortable and portable camping chair can greatly increase camping happiness. Camping is undoubtedly a fun activity, but it also temporarily wears people out. Because of this, they only have a little downtime to recharge for the next adventure. Naturehike YL08 ultralight foldable camping chair is the best camping chair for your loved one to relax outdoors and even in the home and courtyard. The ultra-small size makes it easy to carry around. The chair can be assembled in minutes, saving more leisure time for your loved one.

4. 2-People Wooden Grain Camping Chair $151.96

2 People Wooden Grain  Camping Chair

A relaxing seat is what people need after a day of exploration on the path or work. This 2-People wooden grain camping chair is designed for glamping and home use. It will be a good addition to the lovely yard when there is a party or flea market. 

5. Ultralight Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles(A Pair)$43.99

Ultralight Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles(A Pair)

If the person who is the gift receiver is a hiking lover, a walking pole is exactly what he or she needs. When hiking, a trekking pole is a great tool to save more energy. Almost typically, trekking poles are used in pairs. Another item is a single-pole device called a hiking staff, also referred to as a hiking stick. Over a hiking staff, most hikers prefer to use two trekking poles. But the pair simply offers greater advantages. This gift can offer a helping hand when backpacking, walking, hiking, nordic walking, climbing, or mountaineering.

The holidays are the ideal time to treat the person who loves nature. They are constantly looking for gear, clothing, and other supplies that will help them on their next adventure, whether they choose to gaze up at the sky through the see-through flaps on their tent or rock climb like there's no tomorrow. So grab them some gear they need with Naturehike Xmass 20% off sitewide discount!


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