The Perfect Outdoor Gifts for Mother's and Father's Day

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor gift for your parents this upcoming Mother's Day and Father's Day? As an outdoor brand with over ten years of experience in the field, we understand outdoor activities and have some creative ideas for Mother's Day/Father's Day gifts that will surely make your nature-loving parents happy. Don't spend a lot of time searching online for the so-called perfect gift. You can find tried and true gifts in Naturehike's store and give them to your parents on this holiday.

  • For parents who love hiking and freedom:
    • The Cloud Up Ultra-Light Tent is an excellent hiking tent that Naturehike has meticulously crafted over many years. With a 20D nylon fabric and a product weight of less than 2kg, it has a waterproof rating of over 3000mm, providing your parents with a safe refuge during medium to heavy rain while maintaining the tent's breathability.
Cloud UP ultralight tent scene map
    • If you want to give your parents a slightly larger shelter, the Mongar tent may be your best choice, although it will also be slightly heavier, around 2kg.
Mongar ultralight tent scene map
    • A suitable sleeping bag is essential with a shelter.The CW series sleeping bag is a down sleeping bag with a 90% down content and an 800FP fluffiness rating, and you can choose the thickness according to your needs. Sufficient comfort and warmth will give your parents the best outdoor experience.
CW series down sleeping bag scene map
    • Help your parents stay comfortable:
      • Perhaps your parents don't want to go too far and prefer to drive out for a sophisticated camping trip, or simply set up a tent and canopy in their backyard, put out some chairs, enjoy a cup of coffee, read a book, and bask in the sun. In this case, the Pyramid Tent with Canopy, combined with the Woodgrain Folding Table, is your best choice. If you don't want to pack it up frequently, you can place the canopy over the tent to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or getting soaked in heavy rain.

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