3 Winter camping advices

It is going on winter for few month later. It is much different between summer camping and winter camping. If you choose camping in winter, you will face low temperature, cold wind, ice and snow, camper need more camping skills for living in winter.

We have more than 10 years camping life and cooperate with lots of Wild survival blogger. So we provide a few winter camping advices for you, it may help your winter camping more easier and outdoor activities time much more longer.


1.Winter camping tent

You should choose a winter camping tent. Almost tent can use in winter. But you also need to know why, and next time you can compare which one is more better!


When you camping in a winter night, the temperature will be drop very low. We recommend double layer tent which can keep warm more better than normal tent.

Double layer tent is more easier form airflow than single layer tent and airflow can take away vapour more faster. Vapour will let inner tent and outer tent stick together, and warmth will be lost. So that when you make a tent, there must be a space between inner tent and outer tent.


2.Winter Sleeping bag 

Prepared winter camping tent, then you need know how can sleeping well in winter night.

The first you need prepare a double layer Moisture-proof pad(foam pad + inflatable cushion is the best), chilly not only come from cold air, but also from underground.


Naturehike SNOWBIRD Winter sleeping bag 

Next is winter sleeping bag, more than 90% 1000g white goose down mummy sleeping bag is the best choice. 3 season sleeping pad is not enough for winter camping, but when you take 3 season sleeping pad, you can cover a lightweight quilt on sleeping pad. The warmth effective will be become more different.

So foam pad in the bottom, then is inflatable cushion, sleeping bag in the top. It is the best combination for sleep in the winter night.


3.How to dress

Dress in winter camping, three layer dress is the most common.

First layer:

Cotton underwear/pants (Try not to use pure cotton)

Second layer:

Sweat clothes (Quick-drying, Perspiration, lightweight, and still have a certain insulation function in wet conditions)

Third layer:

Any windproof clothes (It is mainly used to prevent body heat from being carried away by the wind, block cold air, and prevent snow water from wetting the body, etc.)

coose down pants

Naturehike winter camping pants

The last one is keep your clothes dry, especially socks and gloves. You can put them in your sleeping bag when you sleep or drying by fire.



These are very basically winter camping advice. Now with technology develop, more and more high technology product for camping, its also make winter camping become more easier and more experiences. 

Although Winter camping is much more difficult than other 3 season, you also can get more experience and more harvest. Get ready? Lets go together!



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