Naturehike 60L+5L With Rain Cover Backpacks Mountain Bag

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  • Dyneema fabric
    1. Under the same conditions, the strength is 16 times of that of steel
    2. Low fracture length rate
    3. Wear resistance and fatigue resistance, good resistance to humidity, ultraviolet rays and various chemicals
    4. Can float on the water surface
    5. Soft and easy to bend
    6. High energy absorption rate
    7. Dinima has higher impact strength than other thermoplastic materials
  • Strong support of aluminum alloy frame
    The three-dimensional frame is sewn in the inner part of the backpack, which makes the backpack support and the bag body more closely, so that the back plate gets stronger support
  • Comfortable and breathable backpack system
    EVA, which is close to the back of human body, fits with the back. At the same time, it makes the back and backpack form relative air circulation through the internal frame
  • Lightweight design
    Ergonomic design, fit the curve of back, transfer the weight of the backpack, improve the comfort of the backpack, and the weight of the backpack is light


Model NH19BP095 NH20BB113
About 1.16kg(Basic), 
About 1.31kg(Dyneema)
About 1.06kg
Max load
About 14kg
About 11kg

light outdoor travel


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