Naturehike 2-3 Person Camping Cooking Pot

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  • Aluminum alloy material is light and light, lighter than traditional steel pot
  • The heat collecting ring at the bottom can effectively utilize heat energy, save energy, reduce fuel consumption, and save cooking time


  • Model: NH15T216-G
  • Net weight: 372g (314g for single pot + 54G for bowl)
  • Matwerial: Hardened oxidation (aluminum alloy) + PP bowl spoon
  • Pot size: 132mm in diameter and 148mm in height
  • Available color: gray
  • Product specification: 1.5L
  • Package size: 150 * 145 * 175mm
  • Accessories list: small bowl * 2 spoons * 1 pot brush * 1 mesh bag * 1

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