Naturehike 420D TPU Outdoor Trekking Waterproof Bags NH18F031-S

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Dry Wet Separation Double Shoulder Waterproof Bag


  • Wear resistant and waterproof, TPU fabric, waterproof coating, highly effective water barrier
  • Dry wet separation, multi pocket design, dry and wet classified storage
  • The length of shoulder strap can be adjusted at will. It is comfortable and portable


  • BRAND:Naturehike
  • NAME:Dry-wet Separation Waterproof Bag
  • COLOR:Yellow, Blue, Grey
  • CAPACITY:20L/30/40L
  • WEIGHT:420g/520g/600g
  • OPEN SIZE:36*61cm/42*67cm/47*72cm
  • SIZE:23*46cm/27*52cm/30*57cm

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