How to choose a camping stove?

The main purpose of the stove is to heat hot water for cooking and heating. When camping outdoors, if food and water cannot be thoroughly heated and boiled, it is easy to get sick and affect the journey.

In some seasons, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and heating is very important. There is also a little carbon-based fuel (wood, oil, alcohol) that is not sufficiently burned to be poisoned by carbon monoxide, so how to choose a stove is very important!

How to choose a camping stove?

At present, there are four main types of stoves: wood stove, coal/gasoline stove, alcohol stove, oil stove, and gas stove.

Recommended selection order: gas stove > oil stove > others (wood stove, alcohol stove, kerosene stove, etc.)

How to choose a camping stove? It's according to your needs and using environment.

  • Gas Stove 
  • Alcohol stove
  • Oil stove
  • Wood stove
  • Kerosene stove

Gas Stove Type

The gas stove is the most commonly used. There are three types of gas types.

  • Split Stove
  • Integrated Stove
  • Cassette Stove

Split Stove

The split gas Stove is small in size, large in firepower, and high in safety factors. Because of the gas pipeline, the possibility of heating the gas tank is small. This kind of stove separates the burner head from the gas tank. It is the stove that everyone often sees in the wild, and it can cook various dishes.

How to choose a camping stove?

It is more suitable for multi-person camping to meet the cooking requirements of multi-person diets.

The advantage is strong support and good stability.

The disadvantage is that it is bulky, heavy, and inconvenient to carry

How to choose a camping stove?

When connecting the gas canister, it must be tight; when using the gas canister, it should be placed in a flat place, otherwise, the flame will easily become large and small if the connection is not good, causing danger.

Integrated Stove

The integrated gas Stove is a direct connection between the Stove head and the gas canister, without a duct, and the weight is relatively light. Most all-in-one stoves weigh around 60-200g.

How to choose a camping stove?

The advantage is that it is lighter in weight, smaller in size, and easy to carry.

The disadvantage is poor stability and poor wind resistance.

It is more suitable for scenes with few people, such as 1-2 people; because the stove head is small, only a small pot can be used; when using it, pay attention to shelter from the wind. If you always go out, you can also buy it as a backup.

How to choose a camping stove?

There is also an all-in-one gas stove for outdoor use at high altitudes. Simply put, it is a miracle. In a high-altitude cold environment, you can quickly boil the water and boil the noodles. It mainly depends on the heating rate. there is no need to buy it if it is not used for the high-altitude outdoors.

Cassette Stove

The cassette stove is a little bit large so it's mainly suitable for the self-driving trip. The cassette cooker appeared earlier, and many restaurants also use it, but there are certain safety hazards, and the induction cooker is gradually replaced.

How to choose a camping stove?

The core component of the pressure regulating valve inside the cassette Stove is a spring, but the life of this spring will gradually fail with the accumulation of use.

Therefore, the cassette Stove is mainly safe and has certain hidden dangers. Generally, it is recommended to buy a famous brand, which is relatively safe.

How to choose a camping stove?

Alcohol Stove

Small size, suitable for food that can be cooked on low heat, such as: "boil water, cook noodles, cook porridge, and fry on low heat". The alcohol stove is generally not the first choice, although they are light, with many restrictions, and cheap, It can be used as a supplement.

How to choose a camping stove?

How to choose a Alcohol Stove?

We recommend choosing a small pot with a thin wall and good heat conduction for the pot of the alcohol stove.

How to choose a camping stove?

Alcohol is best to choose solid alcohol. If it is dumped, the flow fire produced by liquid alcohol is not easy to put out. Therefore, the alcohol stove needs to choose a stove with solid alcohol or liquid alcohol.

The characteristics of the alcohol stove are that it is cheap, light, and easy to carry, but it has poor wind resistance. It is better to buy a stove that takes up less space and can be fully stacked.

Using Tips of Alcohol Stove

The alcohol stove cooking speed is the slowest, use a small fire for a long time, and the heat of the alcohol stove is low, so the heating is the slowest.

Suitable for campers with short journeys, low budget, and demanding environment.

Alcohol stoves can only be used at lower altitudes.

How to choose a camping stove?

Oil Stove

The gasoline here mainly refers to white gasoline. White gasoline is volatile, odorless, and its ignition point is low. It is the most popular fuel for mountaineering stoves in North America. It burns with higher heat than butane and can quickly melt snow, boil water, and heat food.

Unlike kerosene, refined white gasoline or white gasoline for gasifiers can be preheated by itself. But gasoline should never be used as stove fuel, not even unleaded unless there is no choice. Only using the right fuel will not clog stove nozzles, over-pressurize or emit toxic fumes.

Oil stoves divided into two types: integrated type and split type. The integrated type means that the stove head and the gas tank are not separated, and the split type means that the stove head and the gas tank are separated.

Advantages of Oil Stove

Lighter for long-distance travel; easier to obtain fuel, such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel; high heating efficiency.

Disadvantages of Oil Stove

It is troublesome to use, the oil furnace needs to be preheated before use, and the oil is gasified; the oil furnace needs careful maintenance, otherwise the burner head will be blocked, which is very unsuitable for novice users, and it may be blocked after 3-4 burners Living.

Wood stove

How to choose a camping stove?

Advantages of Wood Stove

The most primitive, simplest, and most emotional way to make fire. There are many firewoods outdoors, so you can just pick it up and burn it, saving you money on fuel. Wood stoves can be fueled by firewood or particulate fuel or charcoal.

How to choose a camping stove?

Disadvantages of Wood Stove

Stoves that can be burned intents are equipped with folding chimneys, which are relatively heavy and require self-driving to carry them; the method of picking up dry wood cannot be used on rainy or snowy days, so it is necessary to bring particulate fuel.

How to choose a camping stove?

Kerosene Stove

Kerosene stoves are mainly produced in Japan and are divided into the most basic convection type, convection + heat radiation type with reflector, and air supply type.

How to choose a camping stove?

Basic convection kerosene stoves do not use electricity, while others use batteries and some use electricity.

How to choose a Kerosene Stove?

The main reason for choosing a kerosene stove is that it can be used for heating in a tent. As for cooking outside, it's the same with other stoves. The main consideration for heating inside the tent is the size of the smell of kerosene. If it burns for 10 minutes, it will be stable. After that, the smell of kerosene is still more obvious, so you should not buy it, otherwise, you won't be able to sleep.

How to choose a camping stove?

The kerosene stove does not need a chimney. The biggest advantage is that it can be placed in a tent for heating and can also boil water for cooking. Kerosene burns more fully than wood, so it produces less carbon monoxide. However, you still need to pay attention to certain ventilation when heating in a closed tent, otherwise, it may cause carbon monoxide poisoning for a long time. In addition, Japanese kerosene stoves have the function of automatic flame-out by vibration.

Earthquakes, bumps, dumping, and kicking will instantly turn off the flames. The vibration extinguishing device is purely mechanical and does not depend on the power supply

How to choose a camping stove?

The main problem of the kerosene stove is that the smell of kerosene is heavy when it is ignited and extinguished. After burning for a while, the smell will be lighter. The burning of kerosene depends on the wick inside, so the wick needs to be replaced after a period of use.


Finally, when choosing a camping stove, choose the correct camping stove according to a series of factors such as the type of your trip, the length of time, and the environmental needs! Have a nice camping trip!


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