How to choose a hammock?


More and more people like to go camping or do other outdoor activities. Among all the equipment, the hammock has become indispensable equipment. It is more portable and comfortable than a tent, Simpler to build. It is very comfortable and enjoyable to rest in a hammock. We will teach you how to choose a suitable hammock.

 When choosing hammock you need to consider:

  1. Size
  2. Material
  3. Portability
  4. Ease of installation
  5. Safety

Size of  Hammock


Hammock is divided into Single hammock and double hammock.

The size of the hammock is not as big as possible. It is best to choose the one that suits you.

The width of the double hammock is wider than the single, and the fabric is stronger, so the bearing capacity is better. Because the width is wider, the comfort will be relatively better, but the volume and weight will be larger, so there is no need for single backpacker Choose a double hammock, it takes up too much space.


Material of Hammock

The hammock is divided into canvas hammock and nylon hammock. When choosing materials, We should not only look at the appearance but also the bearing capacity and quality of the material.

Canvas: Canvas is characterized by good bearing capacity, high comfort, and can withstand up to 200 kg, but it has poor air permeability, can be used in except Winter.

Nylon: Nylon material is characterized by good air permeability, you will feel very cool when lying on it, but its load-bearing capacity and comfort are average, suitable for hot summer


Structure of Hammock

The structure of hammock is generally divided into the hammock with pole and hammock without pole


With poles: The bed surface of the hammock with poles is relatively flatter, more comfortable to lie down, and freer to move. However, it is larger in size and weight and inconvenient to carry. It is suitable for self-driving travel.


Without pole: The biggest advantage of the hammock without a pole is that it is very convenient to carry, and the storage volume is very small, the size like a bottle of Coke, which can save the storage space of the backpack, but the comfort is slightly less convenient, it is more suitable for backpackers.


When choosing a hammock, pay attention to the ropes at both ends of the hammock. Be sure to choose a strong and strong one to prevent it from falling off the tree and ensure safety!

How to set up hammock?

set up

When you are set up a hammock, do not pull the two ropes too tight, use the height to relax the hammock appropriately, so as to ensure comfort and also can reduce damage to the trees


  1. Choose two adjacent trees with the right distance
  2. After the rope is wound on the pillar, let rope end wound on the rope
  3. Let rope loop twisted to make a small rope loop
  4. Then let the rope end passed through the rope loop to tighten the knot.


Other Hammock use Tips:


  1. Check the hammock and sling before use
  2. Do not jump and use too much force on the hammock.
  3. The support point of the hanging hammock must be firm, avoid sharp objects, and the height of the suspension should not exceed 1 meter to avoid falling and causing injury 
  4. Hammock is not same as tent which can prevent rain and insects. So prepare an insect prevent and waterproof shelter/canopy to install on the hammock to avoid rain and mosquito bites.




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