How to stay warm in a Tent-winter camping advice

The autumn and winter seasons are coming soon. Outdoor activities such as camping, mountain climbing, hiking, etc. this season are very test the campers' experience and perseverance.

If you want to spend the night outdoors, how can you keep yourself warm? How about keeping the tent warm? A few tips for camping in autumn and winter to share with you!

1. Choose a suitable Tent


First of all, for autumn and winter camping, we must choose the right tent that adapts to the environment and the weather. For example, we'd better choose a double-layer tent. A double-layer tent has an inner account and an outer account. The space between the inner account and the outer account is used to maintain the temperature, so its thermal insulation effect is much better than that of a single-layer tent.

At the same time, you need to pay attention to leaving a certain amount of space between the inner account and the outer account when setting up a double-layer tent. Because the temperature difference between the inside and outside is large at night, condensation will be generated in the outer account. If you don’t leave space, then the outside The account and the inner account will be adsorbed together, so that the thermal insulation effect of the tent will disappear.

Try to choose a smaller tent. Small tents have better warmth than large tents. Spread unnecessary equipment such as backpacks around the tent to reduce communication with the outside air.

Set up a tent on a dry and flat ground without snow, branches and stones.

After a night’s rest, remember to get up in time to clean up the condensed water vapor outside the tent to prevent the equipment inside the tent from getting wet after it melts.

2. Prepare Moisture-proof pad, sleeping pad, sleeping bag


Naturehike SNOWBIRD Winter sleeping bag 

After selecting the tent, the next step is to prepare the tent. In order to better keep warm, it is best to prepare a foam sleeping pad, a moisture-proof pad, and a down sleeping bag suitable for the environment and weather.

Put the foam sleeping mat or ultra-light camp bed at the bottom, because the heat loss will occur when you sleep at night, the foam sleeping mat can isolate the heat well, and then put the moisture-proof mat on the sleeping mat. The moisture-proof mat has a good Warmth preservation, the warmth preservation effect of this combination is very effective.

Finally, down sleeping bags, down sleeping bags are essential equipment for camping in cold weather. Choose a suitable sleeping bag according to the ambient temperature. Generally, the reference temperature and filling materials are marked on the sleeping bag.

Down sleeping bags are generally filled with white goose down and duck down. Generally, white goose down is better than duck down to keep warm.

When the down sleeping bag is wet or wet, the warmth retention effect will be greatly reduced, so be sure to keep the down sleeping bag dry. Before use, pat the down sleeping bag to maximize its bulkiness. When sleeping, it is best not to bury your head in the sleeping bag. The water droplets produced during breathing will be retained in the sleeping bag.

3.How to dress

Dress in winter camping, three layer dress is the most common.

Inner layer: Perspiration

middle layer: keep warm

outer layer: waterproof and windproof

Prevent sweating and have a better warmth. If the clothes get wet, the warmth retention effect will definitely decrease, so once settled down, put on dry clothes in time to restore the warmth retention effect.

First layer:

Cotton underwear/pants (Try not to use pure cotton)

Second layer:

Sweat clothes (Quick-drying, Perspiration, lightweight, and still have a certain insulation function in wet conditions)

Third layer:

Any windproof clothes (It is mainly used to prevent body heat from being carried away by the wind, block cold air, and prevent snow water from wetting the body, etc.)

coose down pants

Naturehike winter camping pants

Keep your clothes dry, especially socks and gloves. You can put them in your sleeping bag when you sleep or drying by fire.

Prepare a hot water bottle and place it on the abdomen or inner thigh to accelerate the heating of the body

Eat some high-calorie foods, such as chocolate, biscuits, etc.


These are very basically winter camping advice. Now with technology develop, more and more high technology product for camping, its also make winter camping become more easier and more experiences. 

Although Winter camping is much more difficult than other 3 seasons, you also can get more experience and more harvest. Get ready? Lets go together!



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