‘100% Recyclable!’, Naturehike Receives High Evaluations From An Environmental Advocacy Organizationin LA.

Being an influential out door gear manufacturer and designer on the global trading stage, Naturehike always advocates an eco-friendly lifestyle through our products. Recently, we received high evaluations from an environmental advocacy organization, LA river expeditions, based in Los Angeles,California.


Naturehike has established solid reputations in Asia, Australia, and several countries in Europe. Since May 2021, we started heading to the U.S. market as we see a great need to spread eco-friendly lifestyles to outdoor communities in the U.S.


Thus,we donated hundreds of waterproof phone bags to our trust worthy friend, L.A. River Expeditions, who" connects people to their waterways through recreational boating,

“We are thrilled to see that the Waterproof Cases from Naturehike are 100% recyclable ! Makingone's outdoor lifestyle more environment-friendly is the core value of our organization ! In a ddition, some staff has purchased some Naturehike items through Amazonalready.” Said by Rudolph R from LA River.


“We can see Nature hike becoming a leading out door brand in the U.S soon.The affordable price and high quality of their products are significant advantages of Naturehike. Sooner orlater, it will be a popular outdoor brand choice by many people in the U.S. Also, because of the shelter-at-home orders caused by Covid19, people appreciate nature more than before. Lots of people choose to spend time with their friends outdoor.” Said by another staff at LA River.

At Naturehike, we make our full efforts to satisf your customers' needs. We make most of the gear ultralight, durable, compactable, waterproof, sensitive-skinfriendly, and most importantly, eco-friendly.

If you are a big fan of nature and outdoor life, why not check us out at Naturehike.com today?

Email social@naturehike.com for partnership requests or business inquiries.



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