How to choose camping hat?

For outdoor campers, Hikers, or Backpackers, all kinds of outdoor headscarves and sun hats are indispensable in the cloakroom. When hiking, cycling, or mountaineering, wind protection, sun protection, or mosquito protection are necessary.

So how to choose a camping hat, then we will provide some advice for you to choose a camping hat!

How to choose camping hat?

There are always some people who are brave, and outdoor enthusiasts will never stop pursuing nature because of the cold environment. But according to the current weather, For example, 3000-meter high mountain, the temperature at the summit is lower than that of the land.

There is no shelter on the top of the mountain, and the wind is come on all sides. At this time, a warm hat made of high-quality wool is needed for protection.

How to choose camping hat?

Outdoor activities must choose a suitable outdoor hat. Generally, outdoor hats for outdoor activities in spring and summer must-have sun protection and UV protection, and they must be made of quick-drying, breathable, and cool materials, so that they can stay dry and cool even in a sweaty environment. This is a must-have feature for outdoor hats.

Different outdoor activities may have different hats. For example, jungle activities may require jungle hats that prevent branches and insects. And fishing can require a fisherman hat with a large brim.

Type of Outdoor hats

Sports cap

The sports cap is improved by using new lightweight and other sports fabrics. One of the most widely used outdoors. There are many functions, it can be divided into single eaves and foldable, suitable for all seasons. We advise a lightweight, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and foldable sports cap that is easy to store.

How to choose camping hat?

Fisherman's hat

The fisherman hat is also called a wide-brimmed hat. It is a kind of hat that is very popular among outdoor sports. It is suitable for all kinds of outdoor sports such as fishing, hiking, and mountaineering. UV. In summer, I feel that moisture absorption and quick-drying, and anti-UV are necessary. Quick-drying and anti-UV functions can keep the head dry and sunburn.

Choose waterproof and breathable in autumn and winter, and you will not get wet on your head when it rains.

How to choose camping hat?

Baseball cap

Baseball caps were originally suitable for various leisure sports and daily wear. In recent years, with the development of outdoor and the popularization of technological fabrics, baseball caps have gradually become more and more popular in outdoor sports.

Its materials are cotton, polyester, chemical fiber, etc., and its technological functions are also diverse, quick-drying, sweat-absorbent, deodorant, insect-proof, waterproof, breathable, antibacterial, anti-ultraviolet, warmth, etc., so many The donkey don't know how to choose.

It can be divided into two seasons. Choose quick-drying and anti-UV in spring and summer to keep your head dry and comfortable. Choose waterproof, breathable, and warm when going out and raining in autumn and winter. Other functions can be referred to as you like.

How to choose camping hat?

Knitted hat

As the weather gets colder, the outdoor headscarf is not enough, because the warmth of the head will affect the heat preservation of the body directly. In an environment of minus 10 degrees Celsius, 30% to 40% of the heat dissipation of the human body is mainly on the top of the head. , If the head is not well insulated, the heat loss is greater, and the human body temperature will drop faster.

Fashion and warmth. The colorful colors are very popular among females. That men's wear is also cool. Knitted hats are the most commonly used hats in winter. They have impeccable warmth retention. They are soft and easy to carry. They are my resident equipment in my winter backpack.

How to choose camping hat?
How to choose camping hat?


The materials are merino wool, polyester, etc. Its functions are also not complicated and long-winded and chosen according to personal hobbies.


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