Once again! Naturehike never stop in charity!

Naturehike is a leading brand in outdoor sports! Not only has made outstanding achievements and a good reputation in the field of outdoor sports but also actively participated in social charity.

Since this year, Naturehike has donated more than one million yuan in materials and donations!

2020.07.23 Donated 1 million yuan in materials for Henan 

On the afternoon of July 23, 2020, Naturehike Outdoor Sports Products Co., Ltd., located in Xiaogang Street, Beilun District, Ningbo City, China, donated 1 million yuan worth of outdoor products to Henan, including two trucks of life jackets, tents, sleeping bags, camping lights, Supplies such as headlights and disposable towels. This batch of relief supplies will be quickly sent to Zhengzhou, Henan by special vehicles.

"A batch of materials was sent out yesterday. Today, the two vehicles will be dispatched immediately after the materials are loaded. I hope these things can help the local people to decrease their urgent needs." Ji Jianming Who is CEO of Naturehike said.

The personal truck masters Wang Tao and Yang Yanchao, who were in charge of this transportation, transported this batch of materials for the enterprise free of charge. "I am also from Henan. I saw on the Internet that the Naturehike company was looking for a truck to deliver supplies to my hometown, so I came decisively. Beilun Caring company is helping my hometown, and I also want to thank them on behalf of the people in my hometown. I will try my best." Wang Tao said.

In the future, the company will continue to pay attention to the development of the disaster in Henan, do what we can do for the people of Henan, and stay with the people to spend disaster together.

2021.12.11 Helped Ningbo Zhenhai 3 times and donated 30,000 yuan in materials

"After half an hour, cross the Yongjiang Tunnel, materials will be delivered!"

"Okay, we will arrive right now!"

The "Covid-19" is a without gunpowder war, the caring enterprise in Beilun Xiaogang, Naturehike, once again to help Zhenhai and made every effort to build a "protective net" for the epidemic to contribute to the strength of the neighbors.

After 24 hours, at noon on December 11, 2021, the relevant departments of Xiaogang Street in Beilun, Ningbo, assisted Naturehike. Finally, they contacted the epidemic prevention and control team of Zhaobaoshan Street in Zhenhai, arrived at the Yongjiang Tunnel Control Point, and delivered the materials and equipment by hand.

On the other hand. The people on duty who were on duty at the junction of the Yongjiang Tunnel also thanked them, "Thank you for the “gift” of the caring enterprise, and it instantly warmed my heart!"

"What we can do is insignificant compared with the front-line epidemic prevention workers. It is their endless sleep that protects our stability. I hope that each of them can take care of themselves while guarding us." The person in charge Tang Xi talked.

The reporter learned that since the outbreak of the epidemic in Zhenhai, Naturehike has been lovingly assisting three times, donating 30,000 yuan of anti-covid-19 materials such as sleeping bags, cushions, and sterilizing hand sanitizer.

Naturehike is fighting the Covid-19 together with everyone and using practical actions to exercise the responsibility and responsibility of a company.

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