Naturehike Pop Up Tent Review

what is Pop Up Tent

Pop up tents are tents that can be opened automatically. Different from traditional tents, they are mostly leisure tents. Considering the needs of public life, automatic tents are mainly used for family, friend camping, etc.

The types of tents can be divided into different attributes.

According to the season of use: two-season tents, three-season tents, four-season tents

According to the folding method, it can be divided into: set up tents, pop up tents (also known as quick-open tents)

According to the scope of use: military tents camping tents (camping tents) leisure tents

According to the material function, it can be divided into: glass fiber rod, aluminum rod, flat steel wire, plastic rod

Most of the pop up tents are leisure tents. Considering the needs of public life, the pop up tents are mainly for family gatherings, friends outings, etc. The convenience of an pop up tent without crowd restrictions. It is quick to open, easy to carry, and has a novel style. These are all comments from people who own pop up tents, which also make traditional tents partially impacted.


VILLAGE 5. 0 Automatic 4 People Cabin Tent

  • Classic cabin styling
The overall imitation hut shape design, plus double doors and multiple windows structure and open door hall.
  • One-piece Aluminum pole holder
All aluminum tent poles are connected structure Make the set-up more convenient and fast .
  • Large area Ventilation design
All four sides are designed with large screen mesh windows, plus the roof is fully screened for better ventilation.
  • Spacious storage space
There is storage space on both sides of the tent, which can be used to place items or as a pet bedroom.
  • Automatic brackets close and hitch quickly
Strengthen the elastic compression retractable aluminum alloy automatic bracket structure unfolding bracket that completes the erection.
  • Five-sided ventilation, circulation ventilation
The tent is designed with double doors and double windows relative to each other, plus a large air-permeable window at the top, forming a five-sided ventilation.
  • Spacious front and back Large foyer
The spacious foyer design with front and back doors greatly increases the space for sun and rain protection.
  • Aluminum bracket with glass brazing rod, more stable
The thickened aluminum alloy bracket plus the stretchable glass brazing pole makes the whole tent more stable.

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    Greetings. I just found out that Ango 4 had just been released. Planning to purchase it. However I couldn’t find it in your website. Is this product genuine?
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