Safety Tips for Camping

At night, the distance can be judged by using the light source and the sound source.

  • Cigarette butts and fire can be seen within 1 km
  • Within 1.5 kilometers, you can see the light of matches and the light of flashlights
  • The fire of the rifle can be seen within 2 kilometers
  • Within 0.5 kilometers, the usual voice of people can be heard
  • People's shouts can be heard within 1.5 kilometers
  • The sound of cars and horses' hoofs can be heard within 1 km
  • The horn of the car can be heard within 2 kilometers
  • Gunshots can be heard within 5 kilometers

We'll be sneaking around safely or choosing a location, etc., only to find that some of the problems in it didn't happen.

  • After choosing a very precautionary classroom, we need a safe and reliable tent that is convenient for many friends to chat at night or will not leave lonely tents. If you pull it at this time, it is easy to stick to it. Estimated to fall at night. It is recommended to fall, the consequences are very serious.
  • Food storage Simply put, the food taken outside before going to bed at night is packed, and the bag opening should be tightened in the house or hung at a high place. It may be a fox, the big one may be, so the ingredients are good to get used to.
  • One by one, ready to slash your corpse, such as an accidental knife slashing the tent, life is attacking like a beast, and you can mainly use a knife. At any time, it is convenient to go out to defecate at night, and it is also an essential tool for night escape. A place that can be taken at any time with a cane, just like the use of a knife, an uninvited guest who can break into the port.
  • Whether you are inside the tent or not, the tent door should be closed easily. Mainly to prevent snakes, insects, rats, and ants from crawling into the tent when you are not there.
  • In the morning, if your shoes are left outside, please check them carefully before wearing them. To prevent venomous snakes or poisonous insects from hiding in the shoes
  • Try not to use fire or smoke in the tent, please pay attention to the use of fire. In addition, the cooking area of the camp should also be far away from the tent, and the fire should be extinguished in time when it is used up. The most important thing is to use the fire safely. If you need to use fire to drive away animals, it is best to have someone on duty, and fire and water are ruthless. Everyone understands this principle.
  • Try not to cook and eat in the tent. In the case of bad weather, be sure to leave vents when cooking in the tent to keep the air in the tent ventilated to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, which often happens.
  • Do not close the vents of the tent, one can prevent moisture condensation, and the other is to prevent the lack of oxygen in the tent due to excessive air-tightness


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