5 Best Backpack of 2022- Naturehike

1. Naturehike 60L+5L Multifunctional Mountain Bag


  • [Large-capacity mountaineering rucksack] This mountaineering rucksack has pockets at various positions for comfort when climbing, and has a rain cover and hydration function.it is ideal not only for mountaineering but also for long-term tent stays and tent stays in the four seasons.
  • [Ergonomic design and comfortable trekking backpack] The ergonomically designed back pad and shoulder cushion reduce the bite into the shoulder with its exquisite thickness. The back pad has a mesh cushion structure with excellent breathability, so it does not get stuffy even if you use it for a long time and you can wear it comfortably.
  • [Multi-functionality/practicality] With a compression strap on the top and both sides of the bag, it is possible to bind things such as trekking poles and sleeping bags firmly. A separate pocket on the back of the backpack allows for convenient shoe storage for travel. A large-capacity model that can store travel items such as sleeping bags, tents, PET bottles, trekking poles, clothing, shoes, and is ideal for mountaineering and long-term travel.
  • [Load capacity 15KG] A tough backpack that can withstand up to 15kg. The fabric is made of high quality 420D nylon, which is not only durable and long-lasting, but also has the function of preventing tears and scratches, and also has waterproof performance to prevent the entry of light rain. (* It has a water-repellent property and is not completely waterproof.)
  • [Multi-purpose] Lightweight and easy to carry, it is compact and suitable for outdoor/climbing/travel/camping/commuting/business trip/school/sports/gym/hiking/motorcycle/town use/disaster prevention. Even if you carry it on your back for a long time, you will not get tired easily and you will feel comfortable carrying it on your back. Ideal for outdoors.

2. Naturehike Mountaineering Camping Lightweight Bag


POE PADDING ON THE BACK COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE.The POE close to the back shape of the human body fits the back.At the same time , the back and the backpack form relative air circulation through the internal frame .There is also a detachable design for easy cleaning

3. Naturehike Outdoor XPAC 45L + 5L Backpack Travelling Bag


  • Comfortable weight-bearing, lightweight design
    Ergonomic design, fit the back curve, transfer the weight of the backpack, so as to improve the comfort of the backpack. The backpack itself is light, about 1.2kg
  • POE filling at back, comfortable and breathable
    Poe is close to the back of the human body and fits with the back. At the same time, through the internal frame, the back and the backpack form relative air circulation
  • 45L large capacity
    The backpack can be used for 4-7 days camping. The backpack capacity is 45 + 5L. The nuclear load of the backpack is 12 kg, which makes it more comfortable to carry
  • Carrying reference
    The principle of upper weight and lower weight should be followed when placing items in the main compartment of backpack. Generally, heavy items should be placed at the top to make the center of gravity of the backpack higher, so that the waist of the backpack can be straight during the process of walking

4. Naturehike 15L Ultralight Rucksack Cycling Backpack


  • LIGHTWEIGHT straps design, much more comfortable.
  • UNIQUE HELMET NET is a good helper for outdoor cycling.
  • INTEGRATED BREATHABLE MESH PAD in the back, breathable and not muggy.
  • WATERPROOF NYLON FABRIC prevents the backpack inside from being wet.
  • SMALL FRONT POCKET is very practical, suitable for storing small articles such as mobile phone.

5. Naturehike Ultralight Nylon Waterproof Foldable Backpack


  • Convenient folding and small storage: the fabric is soft, and the whole package only weighs about 172g
  • Small size and large capacity: one bag is enough to accommodate the travel needs
  • Wear resistant and waterproof, no trouble on travel: Waterproof index of 30d nylon waterproof cloth 2000+
  • Soft and breathable, comfortable and dry: breathable strap, fit the body, breathable without sweat
  • Quality zipper, waterproof adhesive tape: YKK waterproof zipper, small parts block rainwater infiltration


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