How to choose a Camping backpack?

The Camping backpack/bag is the most useful for hiking, camping, or any outdoor activities. It can store lots of things: Waterbags, food, tents, sleeping pads, medicine...A good backpack can help your travel become safer and longer. We give some advice to help you to choose a backpack which is the most suitable for you.

Type of camping backpack

1. Trekking backpack

For trekking through multiple terrains such as jungles and mountains.

The main features of the trekking backpack are sturdy, wear-resistant, waterproof, strong carrying capacity, complete carrying system, and more external attachment points. Divided into single-day and multi-day trekking backpacks.

2. Climbing backpack


For climbing in high altitude mountain ice and snow rock terrain.

The main features of the climbing backpack are sturdy, wear-resistant, waterproof, compact structure design, convenient to pick and place items, professional plug-in settings, and stable carrying, etc.

3. Snow backpack

Used for ice and snow sports.

The main features of the camping backpack are sturdy, wear-resistant and waterproof, compact and lightweight, simple carrying structure, strong external binding force, etc., with special ski equipment such as snowboards and fixed settings.

4. Cycling backpack

Used for road and cross-country bicycle riding.

The main features are the compact structure of the camping backpack, light and comfortable carrying, convenient external strapping and binding, etc.

5. Waterproof bag


Used for wet/raining/snow weather or long-term travel. TPU Waterproof bag, Nylon waterproof bag or PVC Waterproof bag are all made by professional waterproof material can make everything keep dry all the time.


How to choose a camping backpack?

1. To ensure size and storage of Camping Backpack

Camping backpack’s size/storage, we usually use L to be a unit. Some countries are also accustomed to using cubic inches (CU IN) as the unit (1000 cubic inches is about 16 liters)

Under 50L:


This capacity is suitable for women who use 1 to 2 days of camping and hiking in the warm season or good weather. It can also be used as a package for activities or climbing summits around the base camp.


It can support long-term travel and hiking in spring, summer, and autumn and store tents and other equipment and more warm clothing and food. This capacity is more choices.



If you are a male and decide to buy only one bag, you can choose from this range. This capacity should be able to handle all the equipment needed in winter, and it is also suitable for long-distance and long-term travel.

More than 95L:

This large-capacity camping backpack can cope with long-term outdoor activities and travel, especially winter expeditions and snow-climbing expeditions, and are also suitable for transporting materials to the base camp.

2. 4 Ways to check the quality of camping backpack



Usually to use Nylon, Oxford cloth, Polyester cloth. However, texture, wear resistance, color, the coating will have differences. The camping backpack bottom material is stronger, usually uses 1000D nylon cloth.

The main feature of nylon fabrics is its good abrasion resistance, especially high-density nylon fabrics, which have excellent abrasion resistance, and the water absorption of nylon fabrics is a good type in synthetic fiber textiles, so bags made of nylon Carrying a bag will be more comfortable and breathable

Nylon is a lightweight textile. Nylon camping backpack is lighter than other fabrics. More and more manufacturers choose nylon fabrics’ camping backpacks because it's easy to travel. Light and soft is the main feature of Nylon fabric, it is very easy to deform by an external force.

The camping backpack made of Oxford cloth fabric is durable, wrinkle-resistant, and non-ironing. Because the Oxford cloth fabric is good abrasion resistance, has high hardness and ductility, and resilience, The Oxford cloth is easier to dry. But the waterproof function is weaker than nylon, and the breathable is not as good as nylon. This cloth can protect inner things well from damage because the hardness of the cloth will not reduce.



Camping backpack Package shape, back system, space distribution, small package configuration, plug-in design, back heat dissipation and sweat removal, rain cover, etc. Good backpacks all have outstanding advantages in design.
Zippers, fasteners, closing string, nylon belts are very exquisite. The famous zipper merchants Like YKK.

Among them, there are plastic steel parts and nylon parts. The plastic steel parts feel better, have high hardness, and the sound is relatively loud and crisp. Nylon parts have better toughness and greater elasticity.
Compression webbing has a big difference, and it can be seen at a glance whether it is good or bad.


Carrying system:

The camping backpack carrying system has a specific scope of application. Although the adjustable camping backpack has a larger scope of application, it is not unlimited. Therefore, it is very important to choose the size of the backpack system.


A good camping backpack brand also is important. The famous camping backpack brand not only high price but also higher quality assurance and after-sales service.


When buying a camping backpack, it is best to try it yourself and adjust the various adjustment points on the backpack to suit your body shape. Usually, large backpacks will have five-point adjustable shoulder straps under the arms, shoulder straps behind the shoulders, waist belt, chest strap, and back carrying system. If you still feel uncomfortable in some parts after adjusting the various parts, you can determine that this backpack is not suitable for you and choose other styles.




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