How to Clean a Dirty Tent


 After a weekend spent in nature, returning home with a dusty, filthy tent is to be expected. However, if your outdoor home becomes too filthy, you may notice unsightly stains, strange odors, or a zipper that no longer works as well as it once did.

Cleaning a tent can solve most of these issues, and it's not difficult to do. The following are the necessary steps:

  • Gather equipment/supplies
  • Brush it off and shake it out
  • Spot clean with soap
  • Prep the tub
  • Prep your tent
  • Soak your tent
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Dry completely

Gather equipment/supplies: You'll need water, soap, tent/gear cleaner, a cloth/sponge and a tub.

Brush it off and shake it out: Get rid of sand or dried-on dirt; you can also carefully sweep or vacuum inside while it's set up.

Spot clean with soap: Gently use the cloth or sponge and small amount of mild dish soap to spot clean any extra-dirty areas.

Prep the tub: Fill your tub with cool to lukewarm water and add your tent-cleaner product. Follow the directions on the bottle to see how much cleaner to use.

Prep your tent: Unzip the doors and turn the tent inside out.

Soak your tent: Immerse the tent and the rainfly in the tub. Again, follow the directions on the cleaner bottle to see how long to let your tent soak.

Rinse thoroughly: Drain your tub and refill it with clean water. You may have to do this several times to get all the soap off the tent and rainfly.

Dry completely: Set your tent up or hang it in a cool, shaded area until it is completely dry.

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