How to wash sleeping bag?

It is also very important for the maintenance of the equipment for camper, and share a few tips for how to wash sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag does not need to be cleaned every time when you come back from camping. After all, the warmth of the sleeping bag will decrease every time you wash it. Also, the sleeping bag will be damaged when the sleeping bag is washed frequently.

Cleaning Times

According to the recommendations of down experts, down sleeping bags can be cleaned once every 4 years. The down sleeping bag can be shared with the cotton sleeping bag lining to reduce the chance of washing. At the same time, the cotton sleeping bag lining can help absorb sweat.

The priority of maintenance is to keep dry, remember! When you come back from camping every time, remember to take the sleeping bag out of the storage bag and put it in a cool and ventilated place, so that the moisture in the sleeping bag can be dissipated and it is not easy to mold.

How to wash sleeping bags? Some people say that it can only be washed by hand, some people think it should be machine washable, and even heard many people say that down must not be washed! Down sleeping bags can be machine washable or hand washable. 

Too high temperature will damage the table cloth and the filling, and the function of the tennis ball is to help break up the agglomeration of the filling.

Take out the sleeping bag every twenty minutes to check whether the temperature of the sleeping bag is too high, and check whether the filling is still agglomerated. If there is still agglomeration, no matter how small the agglomeration, it means that your sleeping bag is not complete dry. 

At this time, you can gently loosen the agglomerates. After resting for ten minutes, put the sleeping bag into the dryer and bake for 20 minutes. The entire drying process time is also determined by the amount of down filling, which is about two hours. This complete cleaning of the sleeping bag is complete.

How to wash sleeping bag?

  1. Partial cleaning

First, unfold the sleeping bag and lay it flat, check for dirt, oil stains, and mud, and wipe it lightly with a cloth

If there are stains that cannot be wiped off, use a toothbrush, a small brush and other tools to clean it carefully

Small areas of dirt can be cleaned separately (please use mild detergent)

Especially the head and neck parts are particularly prone to dirt accumulation, these two areas need special attention.

  1. Full cleaning

If the sleeping bag must be cleaned, please use a special detergent for down, hand wash or machine wash (hand wash is recommended)

It is recommended to use hand washing to clean the sleeping bag. For cleaning, you should use a special detergent for down sleeping bags. Lay the sleeping bag flat with the inner layer facing out or open the zipper to clean. (Do not lift the sleeping bag, because the gravity of the water will destroy the structure of the sleeping bag) Twist the down with your hands, because the soft down will easily deform the sleeping bag.

Use the special detergent for down sleeping bags, and clean with the soft washing mode of the drum washing machine.

After the sleeping bag is dehydrated, please place it in a cool and ventilated place and dry it flat in the shade, or dry it.

Unfold the sleeping bag and put it in the tumble dryer. You can put a clean tennis ball or laundry ball to prevent the down from clumping. Choose low temperature or very dry mode (because the down is not resistant to high temperatures) and repeat the drying. Remember to wait until the sleeping bag It can be stored only when it is completely dry!

If the down is unevenly dispersed, you can tap to make the down fluffy and evenly distributed.

After confirming that the sleeping bag is completely dry, check to see that there is no down and feather lumps before placing it in a storage bag and storing it in a dry environment. (Taiwan's humidity is heavy. If the home is humid, turning on a dehumidifier will also help maintain the sleeping bag).

Note: It is recommended to use it with the sleeping bag liner. You always sweat when climbing. The clothes might be covered with dust and mud and get into the sleeping bag. At this time, it is very convenient to use the sleeping bag liner. It can not only keep the sleeping bag tidy, but also can reduce the number of cleanings. If the sleeping bag does not have a serious peculiar smell or dirt, the number of cleanings should be reduced as much as possible, so as not to cause the possibility of reducing the warmth of the sleeping bag!

How to keep sleeping bag?

If the sleeping bag is not used for a long time, please also take the sleeping bag out of the storage bag, because whether it is down or chemical fiber, if it is stored in the storage bag for a long time, it will be injured under prolonged squeezing. The bulkiness of the sleeping bag will decrease when it is used for the second time, and the warmth retention effect will also be discounted.

Please don't squeeze the down during normal storage to avoid affecting the bulkiness and warmth of the down. Just put it in a storage bag instead of a compression bag. Just use a compression bag when you go uphill.

Please do not hang the sleeping bag to dry, just lay it flat to avoid deformation of the sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag should not be exposed by sun for a long time (short-term exposure of 2 to 3 hours is fine), and dry it in the shade as much as possible. The surface cloth of the sleeping bag is usually not resistant to high temperatures.

Do not dry clean, the dry cleaning agent will decompose the down grease and reduce the water resistance effect.

Do not touch alcohol, sunscreen, liquid foundation, softener, or corrosive liquids.

Do not pull out the down when exposed. It is recommended to pull it back from the inside and gently rub the hole to make the hole close together to avoid expanding the hole and run out more down

Sleeping bags have been used for a long time, and the fillings will inevitably come out of the sewing. Do not pull them out at this time. It may damage the stitching on the surface of the sleeping bag. Out a lot of fillers.

When encountering this phenomenon, the easiest way is to gently pull the stuffing back into the sleeping bag from the sleeping bag. That's it. Isn't it simple?

All chemical fiber sleeping bags also have down sleeping bags. In addition to the basic maintenance above, cleaning is also very important.

Sleeping bags have not been properly cleaned after long-term use. No matter chemical fiber or down in the sleeping bag, it will absorb the oil, sweat and dirt on the human body. This will make the fibers or down stick together again, so that the effect of isolating the cold air will be better. It's getting worse, so you will not sleep well at night! So after camping out for a while, remember to take out the sleeping bag and wash it!


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