4 Advice to Choose a Camping Chair

Camping chairs be the most important equipment except tents and tables in camping activities.

Because when camping, a camper needs a chair half the time, whether you have barbecue or rest, a good chair is essential. In addition, camping chairs have many application scenarios in outdoor activities. It can satisfy people's rest need in various outdoor scenes, such as fishing, picnics, motorcycle travel, mountaineering, camping, and hiking. Compared with sitting in a wet place, a comfortable and portable camping chair Can greatly increase our camping happiness.

Then we talk about how to choose a camping chair on the market!


Type of Camping Chair

 small chair

1. Small Camping Chair

This type of camping chair is small and easy to store, and it can be stored to the size of a palm.

But no backrest, so the comfort is worse than another type. It also can be easily put on and left on many occasions, such as fishing and outdoor markets. It can be used as a seat when camping and as a base for other equipment or store firewood.

The small camping chair is generally relatively short, so just suitable for activities close to the ground such as making a fire

 moon chair

2. Camping Moon Chair

The moon chair is the most comfortable chair for camping. The biggest feature of the moon chair is its egg-shaped, arc-shaped chair surface, ergonomic design experience, comfortable sitting and covering.

The folding moon chair is suitable for going out or at home. Whether it's taking it out for a picnic, camping, or resting, or reading a book, it couldn’t be more suitable.

Some moon chairs have higher legs. If you bend over to do things, you will feel a little stuck in your calves, which is not convenient. You should consider the scene when choosing.

 flod chairwood chair

3. Wood Chair

The wood chair is the most good-looking chair. The natural hand-made texture of the wood is not incompatible with the outdoors, and it is firm and stable. The wood chair is heavier than the alloy chair, so it's more suitable for self-driving camping.

Kermit chair is the most classical chair in the wood chair series. Kermit chair is solid enough, portable, and easy to disassemble. The Kermit chair can be easily folded into a flat shape for easy movement, or the chair accessories can be disassembled and put into the bag.

 fold chairfold chair

4. Camping Folding Chair

The shape of a camping folding chair is similar to the home chair.

The camping folding chair surface is wider and flatter, and the limbs are relatively relaxed when sitting up, and there is no feeling of strangling the thighs. The sitting feeling is relatively stiff, and the flat seat surface makes it very comfortable for us to lean forward and dine outdoors, or to lie back.

In addition to the relatively large storage volume, this chair is excellent in terms of sitting feeling, weight, and appearance.

 double chairdouble chair

5. Camping Double Chair

Camping double chair is like sofa, suitable for multi-person travel.

The camping double chair has a large seat area and lumbar support system provide luxurious comfort.  



How to choose a camping chair?


1. Height

The height of the camping chair is influenced the camper’s user experience. So must choose a size suitable for yourself and the camping table’s height, Relative height can bring a more comfortable experience.

2. Storage size

The Storage size of a camping chair also is very important, you need to consider how large you can store. By the way, camping chair storage volume is inversely proportional to comfort. The larger the storage volume, the more comfortable the chair is, and it is better in terms of stability and support. The price is that the carriage has to leave a certain place for the chair.


3. Load-bearing

Try to choose a load-bearing that is suitable for yourself.

4. Stability

Recently, the "lightweight chair" is also very popular. The storage can be very small, the weight is very light, and the convenience of carrying is very high. But its stability is really poor. Try not to make too much movement while sitting on it, as it is easy to have an unstable center of gravity.


In conclusion

Before buying a camping chair, consider size, money, habit, and any you needs. Choosing the most suitable chair is the most important for yourself.




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