How to set up a Tent?

The Tent is an indispensable piece of equipment for outdoor camping life. How to set up a tent?

It is not difficult to build a tent, as long as you master the skills and steps. The current tent is very simple to set up, basically within 5 minutes can be completed.

After setting up, be sure to check whether the tent is set up successfully. Then we will provide some advice and Tips to help you to set up a Tent.

Steps to set up a tent:

  1. Check the integrity of the tent and accessories
  2. Choose a suitable location
  3. Lay out the floor mats
  4. Assemble the accessories
  5. Assemble the tent Fixed tent


1. Before Camping

If you have never been in contact with tents, first of all you can familiarize yourself with the various accessories and functions of the tent at home! And I recommend you try to build at home first.

Tent accessories (Naturehike Cloud Up 2 as an example):

 → Naturehike Cloud Up 2

  • 1*Mat
  • 11*Nails
  • 5*Wind Rope
  • Tent Poles
  • 1*Tent Fly
  • 1*Inner Tent
  • 1*Bandage

In addition, in order to better protect the tent floor mat, you can buy a footprint to protect floor mat.


Be sure to check and confirm before Camping:

  • Is the tent intact and damaged?
  • Whether the poles, nails, and some metal products are rusty, and whether the poles can be connected normally
  • Whether the windproof rope and the draw rope are broken
  • Is the number of accessories correct
  • If it is missing or damaged, remember to replace it in time.   
   → Naturehike Tent Accessories( tent fly , inner tent, footprint )

      2. Arrived destination

      After arriving at the destination, select and confirm the construction site.

      Attention must be paid to the construction site:

      • Choose a flat plot as much as possible
      • Clean up debris on the ground, such as stones and branches
      • Don’t get too close to mountains, bushes or rivers

      Start to build (Naturehike cloud up 2 as an example):

       →Vedio:How to make a tent-Naturehike Cloud Up 2

      • Take out all the accessories in the tent storage bag: inner account 1, outer account, pole, floor nail, windproof rope, etc.
      • Lay the footprint evenly at the bottom.
      • Put the floor mat and the internal account on the footprint.
      • Connect the pole Insert the four corners of the assembled pole into the four bottom corners of the tent in turn.
      • Buckle each buckle of the internal account and buckle it on the pole in turn
      • Cover the external account, keep the direction of the external account and the internal account door in the same direction.
      • Deduct the external account and internal account card. Use the ground nails to fix the four corners (the ground nails maintain an angle of 45°-60° with the ground, so the angle of bearing capacity is the largest), and the ground nails are about 3cm away from the ground.

      • Fix the external account with a windproof rope + ground nails, and properly tighten the windproof rope when fixing to keep a certain space between the external account and the inner account
      • Check and make sure the tent is set up completely

      3. How to Maintain the tent?

      Using Tips:

      • Better to take off your shoes when entering the tent
      • Its not allowed to enter the tent, like hiking boots
      • Keep away from fire
      • Avoid contact with sharp objects
      • Keep the tent in a dry and cool place
      • Avoid direct sunlight
      • Avoid mildew

      Generally, tents usually are waterproof, but if they are used up and are not treated in time, keeping the tent in a humid environment for a long time will make the coating on the surface of the tent useless, which will also make the tent moldy within 24 hours.

      So whenever you finish using the tent, if the surface is wet, do not store it. Put the tent in a ventilated place and let it dry naturally before storing it.

      The same is true for the inner account. It must be fully dried, otherwise the fabrics will mold and stick together, which will reduce the service life of the tent.

      Use clean water: If the surface of the tent is very dirty, it cannot be cleaned with detergent or washing machine. This will damage the waterproof coating of the tent. Just rinse it with clean water. If it can not clean by water, use warm soapy water and sponge to scrub it slowly. Before to store, please wait it to dry.

      Good preservation and handling of the tent can allow the tent to be used normally within a few years


      Tent is a necessary equipment for outdoors activities, like Camping, Hiking or Maintaining. How to set a Tent also is a problem for new camper. As you can see, We provide some advice and Tips to help new camper how to set up a Tent and how to maintain the Tent in Articles.


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