How to make coffee while camping?

What is your favorite thing to do when on Outdoor travel? What a beautiful thing to drink a cup of hot coffee in the camp when waking up and watching Sun Rising! It's not only to get the energy to help us get through the day but also for a good day! So how to make camping while coffee?

Coffee camping Types

  • Hanging ears or coffee bags
  • Hand-brewed coffee
  • Mocha pot
  • Turkish pot

Hanging ears or coffee bags

The Ear coffee or coffee bags is the most convenient way to make camping coffee!

If you want to pack lightly, faster. You can choose to bring a bag hanging ear or a bag of coffee, Just need a cup of hot water! But the taste also is the worst!

Hand-brewed coffee

Hand-brewed coffee is more popular, and hand-brewed coffee can better show the flavor level of the coffee beans and the unique origin characteristics. How happy it is to be able to drink your own brewed coffee outdoors.

Utensils for making pour-over coffee

Filter cup, filter paper, sharing pot or mug, pour-over pot, electronic scale, hand grinder, coffee beans


Outdoors (when there is wind or when the temperature is low) the water temperature drops faster, and it is recommended that the water temperature be 1°C to 2°C higher than when making at home. If you don't have a thermometer, wait about 1 minute after the water boils before you can start rinsing.

Mocha pot 

Mocha pots are common coffee brewing appliances in European households, especially Italians almost have one in their kitchens.

As a coffee appliance with the highest appearance rate for outdoor camping, the coffee brewed by the Mocha pot is rich in oil, rich and thick, and the deeply roasted coffee beans can better reflect the mellow taste. The most important thing is that the Mocha pot is convenient


Mocha pots are suitable for fine grinding, but Italian grinders are inconvenient to carry. It is recommended that you bring the ground coffee powder directly.

Turkish pot

Turkish coffee pots are still widely used in Eastern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

The body of the pot is generally made of brass, and some are also carved with beautiful patterns. The Turkish pot itself has no filter, so it tastes better than espresso. It is also a great experience to have a cup of strong and mysterious Turkish coffee outdoors.


The Turkish pot is also suitable for fine grinding. It is recommended that you bring the ground coffee directly. In addition, if you feel that the bitterness is too high, we can drink it with sugar or milk.

Maintain the freshness and flavor of coffee

If you plan to travel with a brewer and coffee beans, you must consider

How to maintain the freshness and flavor of the coffee, because the factors that affect the preservation of coffee beans include light, heat, moisture, and oxygen.

So look for a small-capacity airtight container or an opaque zipper bag to avoid exposing your coffee beans to light and oxygen every time you take them out, thereby detracting from the quality of your coffee.

If there is a way to obtain vacuum-packed beans, it may be possible to keep the coffee beans fresh for a longer time and avoid taking up more space. Camping supplies stores will have vacuum bags suitable for travel or check with the store to see if they have small packages. Bean Bag.

When you arrive at your travel destination, make sure the beans are stored in a dark, cool, and dry place to avoid exposure to moisture.

If you are going on a long trip, make sure the roasting date of the coffee beans, try not to bring coffee beans that are not very fresh, or simply bring a small number of coffee beans and buy fresh ones after drinking.

Whether it is brewing coffee or making coffee, it is inseparable from heating equipment such as gas stoves and alcohol stoves.

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