Naturehike Rock 60L Backpack Review

naturehike rock 60l cover


Hi folks! Today on the blog I’m taking a look at the Naturehike Rock 60l backpack. You can purchase this pack from at an absolute bargain price – but before you rush off, I’m going to explain why I think it’s why it’s a solid, high-performance pack.


First off, it’s worth noting that the Naturehike Rock has an aluminum frame. I don’t often review packs like this – personally I prefer the adaptability of frameless ones like this 3F UL Gear number – but I can certainly see the appeal the Rock would have if you’re into frames.

When you’re hiking out in the wilderness, your backpack literally becomes your portable home. It contains absolutely everything you need to depend on during your trip from your sleeping bag to your collapsible kettle. But it also needs to be really comfortable, because you could be wearing it, complete with its heavy load, for hours on end while crossing challenging terrain. Some hikers have issues with fatigue, painful shoulders, and back problems if they’re not careful with load, and how it’s distributed. Whether you opt for framed or frameless is ultimately a matter of personal choice – but so long as you’re thinking about it, that’s a start! Anyway, back to the design of the Rock:

The Naturehike Rock features an innovative, ergonomic frame made of lightweight aluminium. It’s designed to comfortably and safely distribute its load, both vertically and horizontally, across your entire back and not just at the shoulders. It also has a specially reinforced and padded back panel and waist grip that fits snug against your body.

The panels are integrated with the aluminum frame to form Naturehike’s suspension system. It’s specifically designed to cushion the weight of the pack against your upper body as you move. To maintain a regulated, even balance, the weight distribution is channeled towards your hips – this is important when carrying heavier loads. Even with lighter loads, this system which allows many hikers to feel more comfortable on longer hikes.

Safety and Stability

The shoulder straps on the Naturehike Rock are comfortably thick and padded and contoured to sit against your chest without restricting your arm movements. They feature front fastening, adjustable safety straps that connect them to the backpack to ensure it stays in place. The Rock also features a sturdy adjustable wind rope that fits around the sides and top to keep your load stable.

The padded waist grip is ergonomically designed with a two-way pull to help cushion the gravitational force of a heavy load. It also features a wide, comfortable belt with a reliable, easy to adjust, Doneford buckle fastening made of reinforced plastic. Once you are strapped securely into your backpack, you can be confident that it shouldn’t slip, no matter how much you might be jostling it.


The Rock is made from a dark charcoal to black Nylon material. It has a density of 420 denier and has a closely woven Jacquard pattern. The textured cloth is breathable, which should help to keep the contents free of condensation. Some backpacks can tear when you snag them climbing over rocks or bumping into trees, but the Rock is tear-resistant.

One handy feature I really like is the integrated rainproof cover. Many packs don’t include a rain cover and those that do often stuff them in a top pocket. I personally prefer integrated covers, but hey – that’s just me.

Although the bag material itself is waterproof, in heavy downpours, it’s always best to provide extra protection if you can. A rain cover gives that extra peace of mind. The elasticated rain cover is contained in a small zipped pocket at the base of the backpack. It’s easy to get at in a sudden shower and fits snugly over the pack.


The Naturehike Rock 60l backpack has a height of 53 centimetres, a width of 26 centimetres and a depth of 18 centimetres. It’s important to get the most comfortable fit through the waist belt being in the right place, so make sure your torso is a good match for the Rock’s height. As a six-footer, I found it perfectly okay, but anyone much shorter might not find it quite so comfortable.


The Rock weighs just 1.16 kg for the ‘standard’ version, but there’s also a Dyneema version which weighs in at 1.31kg. Its maximum load is 15kg – this ought to be more than enough if you’re going ultralight!

I’ve been doing some research recently on optimal weight carrying, load distribution, that kind of thing. From what I can tell, most experts tend to recommend that the average backpack should weigh no more than around 20% of your own body weight. Of course, you don’t have to reach that limit, but the Rock should serve you very well when carrying a lighter load.


The Naturehike Rock is great for keeping you organised. There are pockets everywhere, such as on the waist belt and the shoulder straps. There are roomy, flexible cargo pouches in the front and top and a storage bag at the side. It means you can stash away items like your torch, GPS tracker, pocket knife and snacks where they can easily be found. Inside the backpack, there are several compartments fitted with zips to keep everything secured.


The Naturehike Rock is a very cool backpack! I’m always impressed with the quality of the workmanship with Naturehike products. The aluminum frame – if you’re into that kind of thing – and suspension system evenly distribute the weight of the load around your body, making the Rock comfortable to wear. The shoulder straps are strong, and the waist fastening is secure.

With so many compartments, pockets, and pouches, it’s easy to keep your gear organized and have essential items close at hand. Compared with similar packs by western brands, the price of the Naturehike Rock 60L makes it an absolute bargain!

Well, that’s it for now folks. I hope you enjoyed this review of the Naturehike Rock backpack. Anyone out there using this pack at the moment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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    About the 60 l. pack.What is the size of the harness.

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