Waterproof of Tent

That item has relatively high requirements for waterproofing, especially for tents, umbrellas, etc. with more waterproof and water-repellent performance. For this waterproof and waterproof device, how to upgrade the performance better?

The waterproofing of the double-layer tent can be done without measuring the waterproof equipment? There is no way to flush with water or storm the static pressure of rainy days, and there must be some index determined by it.

The method of waterproofing is very simple to tell you in advance. I will tell you today:

  • Use your fingers to dip the water droplets
  • Take the corner of the tent and push it hard

The waterproofing of the water droplets is unqualified. The following water pressure should be more than 1500mm static pressure.

The thickness of the PU coating and the coating technology determine the water-resistance of the fabric, and the coating thickness is expressed in mm, indicating the static waterproof column height of the coating under laboratory conditions.

The PU800 coating shows that the coating is non-leakable under the static water column of 800MM.

Waterproof Level

  • Waterproof 300MM is generally used for beach tents, sunshade tents, or cotton tents for drought and less rain.
  • Waterproof 800MM-1200MM is used for conventional simple camping tents, which can prevent light to moderate rain.
  • Waterproof 1500MM-3000MM is used to compare mid-range tents, which can prevent moderate to heavy rain.
  • Waterproof above 3000MM are generally professional tents, which have been treated with technologies such as high-temperature resistance/cold resistance, and can be used in various environments.

The floor mat of the tent is directly laid on the ground, so it is easy to contact the ground moisture, and it is easy to soak in water when it rains, so the waterproof index of the floor mat is higher than that of the outer tent.

3 Season Tent

If it is a three-season (spring, summer, and autumn) tent, it is not used in harsh environments, and the waterproof PU is very sufficient in 2000MM-3000MM.

The outer tent is waterproof PU2000MM, and the floor mat is waterproof 3000MM, which can be used in medium to heavy rain environments.

4 Season Tent

Four-season tents need to be used in harsh environments such as high mountains and snow, and the requirements for waterproof coefficient are relatively high, about 3000MM-5000MM.

The outer tent is waterproof PU3000MM, and the floor mat is waterproof 5000MM, which is a typical alpine snow tent.

Naturehike waterpfoor/rainproof Tent

Rainproof fabrics

Made of durable enough lightweight 20D/210T nylon silicone material, plus 4000+/3000+ waterproof coating, our tent is good enough to meet your needs for leisure camping and rain protection

4 People Pyramid Luxury Glamping Tent

Dense oxford clothWaterproof 300mm

Two-way ventilation window on the roof of the tent to promote internal and external air circulation

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