Naturehike-Blackdog Cotton Camping Sleeping Pad

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  • Sponge with pillow automatic air cushion,experience outdoor " SPA. Portable shoulder strap design, double air cushion storage bag with shoulder strap easy to carry and free hands.
  • Stitching design of air cushion with button. It can be flexibly selected according to the number of people and the size of the tent Double air cushion can be spliced with one single or double air cushion Two single air cushions can also be spliced freely.
  • Pillow design "black technology" Cervical spine spa helps sleep. Compared with conventional automatic air cushion , our air cushion pillow A concave design is added in the middle to fit the head better When sleeping on our back , it can support the cervical spine and fit the back of the neck better When lying on the side , it can keep the cervical spine straight and not easy to stiff neck.
  • Double PVC fabric, thickened PU honeycomb cotton core. PVC double layer lamination , air leakage proof , more durable Design of high density thickened honeycomb cotton core Improve comfort and heat insulation.
  • Better double air port 7-8 ports can be filled. Patent design of double-layer air port; Single layer fast and labor-saving inflation does not run gas; Large diameter can be deflated in 2 seconds



Brand Blackdog
Model BD-CQD001


Single person:192x65x3cm

Double person:192x132x3cm

Storage size  

Single person:35x17cm

Double person:70x18cm

Fabric  190T polyester taff composite PVC
Lining High density PU honeycomb sponge
Color Blue, green