NatureHike 5-section Ultralight Carbon Fiber Cork Adjustable Trekking Pole One Piece NH17D005-D

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  • Carbon fiber: the first section and the second section of the stick are made of high quality carbon fiber with strong stability
  • Aluminum alloy: 7075 aluminum alloy is selected for the rest of the rods, with high wear resistance and good corrosion resistance
  • Special EVA handle: EVA handle design, in line with the curve curve of the palm, features classic logo printing
  • Adjustable wristband: water repellent plant flannelette is added inside, which is more comfortable to use
  • Aluminum alloy lock: high quality adjustable aluminum alloy lock, stronger and more durable
  • Strong inner rope: the inner rope of the pole is made of strong horse rope and PVC material, with super protection, wear resistance and anti disconnection
  • Tungsten steel rod tip: wear-resistant stick tip / snowball / protective cover, safe and meticulous


    Net weight
    About 215g(without accessories)
    1.6-1. 4cm(carbon fiber part);1.25cm(aluminum alloy part)
    Wristband material
    Thickened webbing
    Handle material 
    EVA handle
    Material of pole 
    Carbon fiber + aluminum alloy
    Outer lock material
    Aluminum alloy lock
    Stick tip material
    Tungsten steel tip
    Mountaineering/hiking skiing /travel


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