Naturehike Hexagonal Gazebo Sun Shade Beach Cotton Canpoy

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Reasons for recommendation by seller

Significant reduction in setup time and inflatable.No pole required! This tent is recommended for those who are camping for the first time or who do not want to spend time setting up and cleaning up! An inflatable tent that opens in seconds, no need to assemble. The operation is easy and there is no skeleton assembly.
Don't worry about sunburn, it's cool and comfortable on hot days. Since it is less affected by sunlight than special processing, there is no need to worry about rapid discoloration or deterioration.A super-large space that can be enjoyed by all family and friends. You can enjoy the outdoors as much as possible!
Are you worried about the air frame?With normal usage, there is almost no risk of puncturing. In the unlikely event that the tube is damaged, a repair patch can be used to repair it.
Excellent waterproof and sunscreen performance 15D double-sided silicone nylon fabric is a high-density material that does not absorb water, so the strength of the fabric does not decrease even when it gets wet in the rain, the water pressure resistance is 2000 mm, and it can respond to sudden changes in the weather. I will. Don't worry about sunburn, it's cool and comfortable on hot days. Lightweight and convenient to carry The fabric is quite thin considering the convenience of carrying. Thanks to that, the storage size is small and light. It can be easily loaded into a car or motorcycle while it is packed in a bag. It's easy to carry and I carry it with me during touring camps. Applicable scenes Applies to outdoor activities such as camping, beaches, mountain climbing, athletic meet. It is easy to install and carry, so it is very useful in various scenes. Secure a large area without feeling oppressive!


  • 🔷[Outdoor camping and excellent breathability] Please make the most of your tent in spring or summer! The spacious tent provides enough space for you, your family and friends. There are two large entrances and exits on the left and right, and there are 6 large windows with mesh in the living room. As a high-density mosquito net, while preventing the intrusion of mosquitoes and other insects, it is ventilated and has good visibility. At night, you can sleep comfortably while looking at the stars.
  • 🔷[Space size]:assembly size 380x329x220cm, storage size: 70x35x40cm, weight: 14.5kg. In the large space, you can enjoy with family and friends. You can enjoy outdoor activities as much as possible. Moreover, it can be used independently even without a hook, and it can also be used in evacuation places such as gymnasiums during disasters.
  • 🔷[Easy set up & Infley tablet] No pole needed! This is a tent recommended for those who are making cakes for the first time or for those who don't want to spend time on tidying up! An inflatable tent that can be opened in a few seconds without assembly. The operation is simple, there is no frame to assemble, and women can also assemble easily. In addition, in order to ensure the required strength of large tents, 12 hooks and 6 ropes will be used to make a speech.
  • 🔷[Superior waterproof and sunscreen performance] The high-density material of 15D double-sided silicone nylon texture has low water absorption, and the strength of the texture will not decrease even if it is exposed to rain. The water pressure can reach 2000mm, which can cope with sudden weather changes. Don't worry about tanning, cool and comfortable on hot days. Since the special processing will not be affected by too much sunlight, there is no fear of rapid discoloration or deterioration.
  • 🔷[Lightweight and easy to carry] Considering the convenience of mobile phones, the fabric is quite thin. Thanks to that, the storage size is small and light. Cars and motorcycles can be packed leisurely in the bag. It is also very convenient to carry, and it is also carried when traveling and camping. Even if it is dirty, it can be washed with water, and maintenance is very simple. There is no complicated frame assembly, even outdoor beginners can rest assured simple assembly!


Model NH20TM002


Tent fly : 150D polyester silver coated, waterproof 2000mm 

Mesh: polyester floor cloth: 150D Oxford cloth, waterproof 2000mm Inflator:PP

Trachea: LDPE 

Ground nail: steel


Expand: 380 × 329 × 220cm

Storage: 70 × 35 × 40cm


Inflator, wind rope × 6 , luminous steel ground nail × 12 


About 14.5kg