Naturehike Sun Shelter Cotton Camping Tarp

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  • [Pleased / Tent Tarp] Deployment size: 416 x 628 cm Storage size: 60 x 13 cm Weight: Approximately 3.9 kg A foldable, lightweight and compact tarp that can be conveniently carried. Set contents: Tarp body X1, storage bag X1, peg X6, wind rope X6, accessory storage bag X1
  • [Characteristics / Light-shielding, flame-retardant, durable, waterproof] TC fabric is a blend of polyester yarn and cotton yarn, and has excellent light-shielding, flame-retardant, and durable properties. The characteristic of TC fabric is that when it contains water, the thread expands, making it difficult for water to pass through. Furthermore, by making it water repellent, it is safe even in sudden rain. It also has excellent hygroscopicity and has been improved in durability by applying antifungal treatment.
  • [Loosely open size / awning shelter] The large size makes it a lightweight tarp that can accommodate 4 to 6 people without any feeling of oppression. The hexagonal streamlined design provides good breathability, can withstand the heat of midsummer and protects against UV rays. Also, by using an optional pole, you can create a layout that suits the scene, so you can enjoy a higher-grade camp.
  • [Lightweight and convenient to carry] The fabric is quite thin considering the convenience of carrying. Thanks to that, the storage size is small and light. It does not take up space even when packed in a bag. It's easy to carry and I carry it with me during touring camps. Even if it gets dirty, it can be washed with water and is easy to clean.
  • [Can be used in various places! ] As a tarp, it can be used in various places such as camping, mountain climbing, beach, outdoor activities, heavens, parking lots. It is a lightweight tarp with a new structure that secures a large area without feeling oppressive, and can be used by several people together. 


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Storage size
Wind rope*6, stainless steel ground nail*6
About 3.9kg
Note Tarp poles need to be purchased separately