Naturehike Outdoor Windproof, Waterproof, Skiing, Cold And Warm, Riding Winter Woolen Gloves  NH19SFS020

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  • Gl08 outdoor wind proof and waterproof duck palm board ski gloves. Wind proof and waterproof, light and warm
  • Double layer waterproof fabric + 3 layers of cotton wool thermal lining. Multiple protection, feel warm
  • The outer layer is made of windproof and waterproof fabric, with built-in waterproof membrane and double waterproof. The inner five finger design is added with velvet to keep warm


  • Brand: naturehike
  • Name: Xuyu gl08 duckboard ski gloves
  • Color: black, white
  • Specification: M / L / XL
  • Weight: About 140g (m)
  • Fabric: polyester, PU
  • Lining: warm mercerized velvet
  • Filling: 180g DuPont cotton
  • Features: windproof, rain proof, cold proof and warm keeping
  • Uses: skiing, cycling, hiking, and other outdoor sports
  • Season: Winter
  • Recommended temperature range: about - 15 ~ 0 ° C

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