Naturehike Outdoor XPAC 45L + 5L Backpack Travelling bag NH19BB090

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  • Comfortable weight-bearing, lightweight design
    Ergonomic design, fit the back curve, transfer the weight of the backpack, so as to improve the comfort of the backpack. The backpack itself is light, about 1.2kg
  • POE filling at back, comfortable and breathable
    Poe is close to the back of the human body and fits with the back. At the same time, through the internal frame, the back and the backpack form relative air circulation
  • 45L large capacity
    The backpack can be used for 4-7 days camping. The backpack capacity is 45 + 5L. The nuclear load of the backpack is 12 kg, which makes it more comfortable to carry
  • Carrying reference
    The principle of upper weight and lower weight should be followed when placing items in the main compartment of backpack. Generally, heavy items should be placed at the top to make the center of gravity of the backpack higher, so that the waist of the backpack can be straight during the process of walking
Storage size
Recommended height
About 1.2kg
XPAC fabric, 210D nylon

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