Naturehike Press Inflatable Travel Air Neck Pillow

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  • Integrated design of inflation and deflation: easy to operate
  • 360 ° full support, seamless fit: fit the neck curve, no pressure on the cervical spine
  • Soft and comfortable, elastic against the skin: high quality TPU elastic composite fabric
  • It's only the size of your hand when folded


  • Model: NH18B010-T
  • Net weight: 85g
  • Storage size: 69 cm
  • Development size: 38 * 29 * 10cm
  • Color: Sky Blue / Rose Red / Black / Navy
  • Material: Polyester TPU

    Affordable price, High quality, Innovative design

    Naturehike Advocating the brand concept of "light outdoor travel"
    We take the beauty of nature as inspiration to enhance users' experience of nature that make outdoors life more comfortable.