Naturehike Professional Big Capacity 70L Climbing Bag NH70B070-B

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  • Double stitching at the joint, uniform and fine lines, high quality
  • Air suspension design, ventilation and cooling, ventilation more comfortable
  • YKK high quality zipper, easy to close
  • YNS high quality fastener with guaranteed quality
  • Light weight fabric, splash resistant, abrasion resistant, tear resistant
  • CR bearing system:Strong CR backpack makes the weight transfer well. The built-in double aviation aluminum strip not only reduces the weight of the backpack itself, but also strengthens the carrying capacity. When the bag is loaded, the actual weight of the backpack is reduced
    The V-shaped structure ensures the free rotation of the buttocks, less restrictions on the natural activities of the human body, and good stability of the backpack. Three dimensional ventilation buffer hollow air guide groove can quickly circulate the air in the back and keep the back dry

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