Naturehike Shawl Foldable Fisherman Hat Summer Outdoor Sunscreen Sun Hat

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  • 🧢Shawl design, double the protective area: 15.5cm on the back to increase the sun protection, double the protection of the shoulder and neck skin, to achieve comprehensive protection.
  • 🧢Technological sunscreen, the barrier rate is as high as ≥99.9%: it can block UVB and UVA from different wavelengths of sunlight, effectively resist skin damage from the surface to the deep layer of the skin by different sunlight intensities, and meet the international certification UPF standard (50+), more Deeply protect the skin. Obtained through testing by a third-party agency.
  • 🧢High-power sun protection to protect the skin: The fabric is made by a special weaving process, and the sun's ultraviolet rays are difficult to penetrate the fabric to ensure long-term sun protection and have a breathable function.
  • 🧢Detachable windproof rope: Adjust and fix at will, make the cap body more stable and meet the head shape according to the needs of use, and can also be disassembled.
  • 🧢Increased hat brim and sun protection: 9cm lengthened hat brim design, three-dimensional tailoring design, not loose or deformed, large area sun protection.


Model NH21FS531
Package size 355×250mm
Specification One size fits all
Weight About 81g
Features Wear a variety of all-round sunscreen
Material Fabric: 100% nylon
Mesh: 92% nylon + 8% spandex