Naturehike Ski Lenses UVA400 Anti-Fog Glasses Lenses

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  • Protection 1: Wind-proof. Correct wearing can tightly contact to the face to effectively prevent skin irritation around eyes by cold wind
  • Protection 2: Fog-proof, double-layer ski goggles with air convection inside can effectively reduce fogging moreover, the lens is coated with permanent anti-fog material.
  • Protection 3: UV-proof, with the index of UV400, the ski goggles can resist UV damages to the eyes, and the bright coating on external lens can also effectively prevent UV rays.
  • Security: The lens, made of PC material, is light and durable with low temperature resistance. With strong impact resistance, the lens will never break even under strong external forces. The frame, made of TPU material, is very flexible, which can perfectly protect the face when being impacted.
  • Comfortableness: Very suitable for the cheeks width, nose bridge and cheekbone height of the Europeans and Americans. Three-layer sponge brings softer and more comfortable feeling. Wide lens band equipped with non-slip rubber strips can ensure perfect stableness while effectively avoid too much tightness.
  • Innovative Design: With magnetic replaceable lens system, the ski goggles can adapt to the changing light conditions. External lock and buckle are designed to fix the lens. The frameless design ensures a broader field of vision
  • Optics Features: This ski goggles are suitable for wearing in most scenes. With high polarization index, it can effectively eliminate and filter the scattered light so that it will be injected into the visual image of eyes along the transmission axis to bring clear and natural vision
  • Weight:About 48g
  • Note:Pair with model NH20HX001 ski goggles

Specification Transmittance Light
Polarization scenes to be used Color system UV filter UV protection index
Yellow light film 76% S1 65% Cloudy or under light bright 100% UVA400
Silver film 15% S3 98% sunny day Darker 100% UVA400
Transparent film 24%-80% S2-S1 30% Cloudy-cloudy Medium-bright 100% UVA400
Gray discoloration film 9%-38% S3-S2 98% Sunny-cloudy Darker-medium 100% UVA400