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Naturehike Advocating the brand concept of "light outdoor travel".

We take the beauty of nature as inspiration to enhance users' experience of nature that make outdoors life more comfortable.

Affordable price, High quality, Innovative design.


The voice of the buyer

Cloud Up Series Tent

Super tent very simple and very light. No Frills inside just a hook to hang a light .. Ordered in Spain but sent from China the seller held word for fast sending... Nothing to say, it's great.

Nath Godard

Cloud Peak Tent

Quick pitch of the Naturehike Cloud Peak 2,I managed to catch a free patch in the day to get up a hill and pitch the tent.Firstly the tent was very easy to put up with no issues and only took between 6 and 7 minutes and i wasnt in a rush. Once the tent was erected, it was very sturdy and looks like it will stand up to a good ammount of wind, largely due to its semi geodesic design.


Cloak Sleeping Bag

Got on time. Quality is good. Yes, this poncho is insulated, put on a bivac in cold weather. You can cover it like a blanket. If you sew a zipper, then for the lean will be a sleeping bag. Bought as an alternative to swagmanrolla. Yes, and compression for gentle hands.

Steffen Knoops

Goose Down Pants

XXL size 245g on my scale w/o bag. Sewn through construction. Aegismax are baffled and better constructed. The Naturehike size ran larger (good for me) than the Aegismax. The size chart on theese seems accurate. Well made, light and a great price. Fast delivery to US about 18 days.

Doris Heller

Opalus Tunnel Tent

Opal 2 and 4 pers. are wonderful tents. super easy and quick to set up. it might not be a 4 season? . since the inside of the tent is very thin and with a lot of net in the door and you have not let the seats go all the way down to the ground. but all in all . top point here from Denmark and the price is super. Thanks Naturehike.

Kenneth kjær

CW280 Sleeping Bag

This is very light. Its rated to 11c from what i can see on the packaging. However I pair it with sheet and good thermal mat and its perfect for mild season camping in Australia zips out so you can use it as a doona if you.

Daniel Savioli

Ultralight VIK Tent

Naturehike has consistently raised the bar for good value tents, and with the VIK they’ve raised it even higher. Try as I might, I can’t really see what the downsides to this tent are. It’s packed full of innovative features like the door-canopy, internal air vent, and magnetized seams. And all for a low pack weight.. Basically, the VIK has just forced its way to the top of my ultralight gear list!

Thrifty Hiker

Mongar Tent

One of Naturehike’s technical tent offerings, the Mongar Ultralight 2-Person Tent first draws attention because it seems a close cousin of the well-regarded MSR Hubba Hubba. However, it comes in at a far more competitive price – one of its ‘best-selling’ points (excuse the pun) and makes it the recommended choice for those who need a lightweight tent for a wilderness trip. 

Dania Petrik

Rock 60L Backpack

The Naturehike Rock is a very cool backpack! I’m always impressed with the quality of the workmanship with Naturehike products. The aluminum frame – if you’re into that kind of thing – and suspension system evenly distribute the weight of the load around your body, making the Rock comfortable to wear. The shoulder straps are strong, and the waist fastening is secure.

Thrifty Hiker