Naturehike Outdoor Extend 5.6 Glamping Cotton Canvas A Tower Tent

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Glamping style

  As one of the most popular outdoor lifestyle at present, glamping style includes the export of various cultures. At the same time, it is also a comprehensive presentation of personal integrated aesthetics, taste and hobbies. Because camping is a carrier to help us get in touch with the nature, which leads to the culture of dressing, hiking, mountaineering, fishing, food, photography, handicrafts and so on.


Cotton tent care instructions

💙Please dry completely during storage to avoid mold damage
Cotton canvas is a natural material, and it will be damaged by mildew when stored wet. If you put the cotton tent after the tent has been showered twice or when the dew drops in the morning, please set up the tent immediately after you go home and let it dry completely before long-term storage

In high-humidity climatic conditions, extreme care must be taken to prevent mold damage. Slight mildew can be cleaned with diluted white vinegar solution (5 parts water and 1 part white vinegar)

💙Please pay attention to cleaning when storing (including poles)
Before long-term storage, please clean dirt and other natural followers. Please also keep the poles, ground nails and other accessories clean. We strongly recommend the use of waterproof ground cloth to extend the life of the tent bottom account and help keep it clean. Please keep the zipper clean and use zipper lubricant occasionally. The best way to clean the tent is to clean it with water and a soft brush and then dry it. Do not use alkaline or harsh detergents to avoid damage to the water-repellent coating of the tent

💙Balance of water resistance and breathability
The fabric used in cotton canvas series tents and canopies is treated with water-repellent coating. The cotton fabric is designed to provide the best balance between waterproof and breathability to maintain the comfort inside the tent. Cotton canvas fabric is not as "waterproof" as plastic or synthetic materials. In very heavy rain, you may feel "fog" inside the tent due to hydrostatic pressure, which is normal

💙Keep away from open flames when using
The tent fabric is combustible fabric, please pay attention to the distance between the open flame and the tent


Type 3-4 person tent
Expand size
Storage size
Support pole*2, wind rope*10, stainless steel ground nail*20
About 9.5kg
Tent fly blended cotton fabric
Zipper: YKK zipper
Mesh: polyester mesh yam
Bottom tent: wear-resistant PVC composite fabric

Transport method:

Standard: 10-20 working days, free shipping
DHL: 3-7 working days, charge according to product weight

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