Camping Kitchen Equipments

Cooking food is the most important for camping life.

There are lots of Camping Kitchen Equipments on the market, So how to choose the right Camping Kitchen Equipments for your camping life?

1. Camping Pot

Dutch pot

Dutch pot cooking is one of the must-haves for full-pot cooking, one can meet all the needs of cooking.

The biggest advantage of the pot is that it is waterproof and has strong heat preservation. It is omnipotent in terms of "smoking, boiling". It can be perfectly combined with the soup or the best effect.

The Dutch pot is such a powerful pot itself that it is more reusable, and because of the good heat preservation, it needs to be used for anti-scalding gloves and pot carrying tools after the Dutch pot is equipped. Let’s talk about the contents of the Dutch pot and its maintenance of the Dutch pot. The well-maintained one belongs to the one that can be used as a family heirloom.

The Dutch pan has been able to meet all the needs of cooking, but because the dishes on the wall of the pot are generally "fried and fried", this pan is also easy to equip for beginner Campers and is one of the most commonly used

Try to choose non-stick frying pans. When outdoor camping water is not particularly convenient, washing pans often becomes a hassle, so non-stick frying pans will be more convenient to handle. In addition, it is recommended to choose a frying pan with a lid for convenience Some dishes that need to be cooked

2. Stove

Gas stove

Whether it is brand or functional design, there are lots of camping stoves. However, it is still the most common gas stove recommended for entry-level campers. Although the traditional mountaineering stove is convenient, it has limited load-bearing and small firepower, which is greatly affected by the wind. It is not suitable for glamping scenes with camping as the core experience.

How to choose a camping stove?

3. Camping furniture

Egg roll table

In the Glamping experience, a table is essential. For the selection of a table, it is not recommended to choose a small table even for beginners. In actual use, you will find that it is not enough at all. The simple and portable small table is used by advanced or senior people. A stable, spacious, and well-organized table can bring a better camping experience.

The egg roll table is the most preferred. The tabletop and the bracket of the egg roll table are separated. When storing, the bracket can be folded and wrapped with a desktop and placed in the storage bag, which is very convenient for disassembly and assembly.

4. Tableware

Cups, plates, bowls, kitchen knives, kettles

Although everyone has a variety of tableware at home, it is not recommended to use ceramic or glass products for tableware on the camping scene, after all, it is easy to collide during storage and use. Personally recommend the use of titanium or stainless steel tableware, because of its lightweight, no rust, wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, and anti-collision.


3 People 4 in 1 Tableware Camping Set

5. Others: Cooler box

Delicious camping dishes are inseparable from the freshness of the ingredients, and a suitable outdoor incubator is also one of the must-have items.

It is recommended to adhere to the principle of "enough is enough" in the selection of equipment, consider the necessary supplies first, then consider individual choices later, and meet the most basic camping needs from a functional point of view.


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