NATUREHIKE x SRUSHTI: Preserving the Present for Protecting the Future!

We sponsor SRUSHTI Wildlife Photography Exhibition which theme is a class reptile in 2021.

SRUSHTI is a wildlife and Nature photography exhibition founded in 2013. It starts with only 13 photographers, Now has more than 250 photographers and more than 4000+ Entries in 2020.

In order to actively respond to and participate in the cause of protecting wild animals and wildlife photographers’ contribution, we decided to sponsor SRUSHTI wildlife photo exhibition: Preserving the Present for Protecting the Future!

Why Exhibition?

SRUSHTI Wildlife photography exhibition, on the one hand, is to provide a good platform to help photographers show their best works. Every photo of wild animals is hard-won.

The photographers let us know more about the wild, like Animal species, images. Taking a picture of their "best shot" to show the beauty of the original ecology of wild animals in nature, the energy, time, and courage required are unimaginable. They are not just for more attention, but more because they want to be recognized for the value of their work

On the other hand, wildlife photography exhibitions can also help ordinary people to know and come into contact with all kinds of wild animals. It can also help us realize that we need to protect wild animals.

If what we see in the photography exhibition is not natural, beauty or freedom wild animals. The photography is like: The polar bear looking at a loss in search of habitat. The monkey is holding garbage instead of food. The seal is wrapped in circles of net rope. These wildlife photos can let us know We should go to Preserving the Present for Protecting the Future.

Why need to protect wild animals?

Wild animals are the precious products of nature's hundreds of millions of years of evolution. Most wild animals appeared earlier than humans.

Once they become extinct, they will never be created. Because of various human reasons, the number of wild animals is declining sharply. They are the original owners of the earth, and they have the right to continue living.

Wild animals are the key to protecting the health of the entire ecosystem. They restrict each other and maintain ecological balance. Wild animals and their habitats can help purify the air, prevent soil erosion, and reduce pollution.

The harmonious survival and development of wild animals and humans are correct. Although destructive behavior can obtain short-term benefits, it destroys the ecological balance, and ultimately only disasters for humans.

As the ruler of the earth, human beings are more responsible to protect the ecological balance.


Any photographer can submit their photo which is meet the theme requirement, then the jury will pick the Top 100 and published it on SRUSHTI Coffee Table Book, Photographers also can get rich rewards.

Come and Join in protect the wild animals’ team! Do any contribution to wildlife! Preserving the Present for Protecting the Future!

Some photos of SRUSHTI 2020







Special Mention:Dilip Shah

Special Mention: Trikansh Sharma

Special Mention: Uemil Jhaveri

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