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"There is only one kind of heroism in this world,

That is to still love life after recognizing the truth of life. "

——Roman Roland


Beijing's autumn has already taken shape for winter
Adults wrap their coats tightly
Put on a little padded jacket for the babies
No work / entertainment / regulation
Weekend without homework
Always so delightful



I just learned to be a mother for the first time,

So I am usually very strict.

But you see,

Mom can also be very gentle,

Now, daughter, please hold my hand firmly,

We are in the warm sunshine,

take a walk.

Let's play together, okay? "



Days always go back and forth

But life can't just be lost like this

Take time occasionally

Indulge yourself and be free


When I was young, I always wanted to pursue poetry and the distance

grown up

Many people’s homes have become distant places that are difficult to go back to



All the distances are not as good as those around us

Furniture / Food / Houses

How can it be compared to her bright smile

Pampering hug

'Unreasonable' acting like a baby


Put all the ups and downs of life into the suitcase. Put on a cowboy that seems a little tight, put on a hat, and tie your shoelaces...

   Oh, by the way, don’t forget the "you" who shouted to the sky when you were young, with dreams, and never became.


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