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Waterproof tent with seam-sealed construction for keeping you dry in any weather.

Our journey

Founded in 2010, Naturehike is a premiere destination for camping equipment for families and friends who enjoy the outdoors. We make products that are durable and environmentally friendly with the goal of giving everyone the gear they need to leave the constraints of the city behind and return to nature.

Camping for everyone

At Naturehike, we believe that everyone has the right to explore the outdoors on their own terms. Whether you’re camping or glamping or something in between we’re ready to meet you where you are with the products that make the outdoors more comfortable.

We Shape Better Future of Nature

It is our hope that every user of Naturehike products will find the beauty in nature, the mindset to explore and the drive to seek out more adventures.

Enjoy the Outdoors Effortlessly 

Built For
Your Lifestyle

Naturehike knows that true fulfillment doesn’t come from within the four walls of the workplace, instead it comes from experiences that connect you with nature and family. Glamping with friends, camping with your family, or hiking along a less traveled path – wherever you’re going – Naturehike’s diverse lineup of products and accessories ensures you have the gear you need to live the outdoor lifestyle you want.
Innovative Design and Tech Makes Difference

Built For

Providing ground-breaking design and tailored engineering that allows you to enjoy the outdoors in a way that hasn’t been done before is at the heart of what we do. Our products are built with ultra-lightweight material from easy set-up and spacious tents to all-weather sleeping bags and camping gear – our innovative products are safe, reliable, and built to support your outdoor lifestyle.
Keep Forward on Outdoor Experience

Built For
Your Adventure

Your next adventure is only as good as the products used to support it. Every product Naturehike produces undergoes a sophisticated manufacturing and testing process to ensure the highest quality in the field. Rigorously tested in both laboratory settings and in the field by professional outdoorsmen, our products are designed to let you explore and experience the outdoors the way you want. 

Exploring Nature One Step at a Time

Over the past decade, Naturehike expanded to 72 countries including North America, Western Europe, Africa, the Middle East and more, and gained wide range global recognition and preference.

Naturehike sleeping pad for insulation and comfort while sleeping in a tent.
Naturehike rectangular sleeping bag for spacious comfort during summer camping trips.

Naturehike Moments

Highlight of Moments During the Years

Naturehike throughout the years

Creating the Modern Camping Experience

Put Our Customers’ Needs First 

Put Our Customers’ Needs First 

We are continually striving to meet the needs of our customers.

Find Beauty in the Outdoors 

Find Beauty in the Outdoors 

We help you to find the beauty in the outdoors with our products.

Be Good to the Planet

Be Good to the Planet 

We design everything to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Never Stop Innovating 

Never Stop Innovating 

We can always improve and redefine how to explore the outdoors.

Freestanding tent for easy setup without needing ropes or stakes.

Deliver Products That Perform

Everything we make is built to enhance the outdoor experience.

Wake Up the Adventure Seeker 

Wake Up the Adventure Seeker 

We help you embrace the outdoors and connect with nature.

in Sustainability

Nature is at the heart of all we do. It’s why we’ve created four actionable commitments to keep us on the path of sustainability from start to finish. From being more intentional and innovative in the way we create products, to helping you shop sustainably and understand how to take care of and extend the life of your gear, to giving used gear a second life—it’s on us all to help lessen our impact on the places we explore.