How to Choose Camping Pot?

Camping is usually lighter in weight, more inclined to use, and frequent use of pots and pans will often use a variety of pots.

However, most of the ordinary/transmitting equipment is your own, which may not be a problem, and it can also be easily carried on the car.

Types of camping pots

  • Fryingpot
  • Baking pan
  • Soup pot
  • Rice pot
  • Cast iron pot

Frying Pot

The frying pot is the most common and the most used pot. There are many uses for the frying pot, in addition to cooking, it can basically meet all kinds of cooking methods.

It can even be used for soup and noodles.

Some materials of pot include stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, iron, etc.

Cuisine: omelette, stir-fry, pasta

Baking pan

This is also what a lot of people use when they use a roasting pan, and most people eat it.

Cuisine: BBQ

Soup pot

A soup pot, as the name suggests, is a pot for making soup. Because the soup pot will be deeper and higher,

If you're cooking a lot, a stockpot is better for soup than a frying pot.

In addition, the soup pot can also be used for blanching pasta, vegetables, boiling water, etc.

Cuisine: soup, instant noodles

Rice pot

For Asians, rice is indispensable. But you can't bring a rice cooker with you when camping. (electricity problem)

Therefore, I want to solve the problem of "cooking" in a more energy-efficient way. Then we can use outdoor pots to replace rice pot.

Cast iron pot

It is very suitable for new camper, and is not afraid of the problem of sticking the pot at all. And it can be used for many exquisite meals.

Just like baked omelettes, baked pizza, seafood baked rice and other dishes that seem to be difficult to make, you can use this pot.

Cuisine: Baked omelette, baked pizza, seafood baked rice

Camping pot material




Thermal Conductivity






Stainless Steel

Heavy Even








heavy uniform




Finally, choose a suitable pot according to your camping needs, people, and habits!


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