How to Sleep Well When Camping?

In outdoor camping, the factors of the external environment will affect the comfort of sleeping. So, how can you make yourself sleep comfortably? Keep the following points in mind.

  • Away from worse environments
  • Enough clothing
  • Satiety
  • Warm-up

Away from worse environments

A tent sitting in a comfortable location can add about 30 degrees to the temperature.

Don't choose to camp at the bottom of a stream, because the bottom of the stream is where the cold air gathers, and don't camp at the ridge-line. Choose a leeward side or a forest, use a sleeping bag, or use or dig a snow hole.

Enough clothing

Preferably a hat. Because half of the body's thermal energy is dissipated from the head.

Also, mountain guides have said that if you don't go to bed with all your clothes on, it means you're carrying too much.



Food is fuel. Do not empty your stomach before going to bed, it is best to eat some high-calorie food. At the same time, adequate water is very important for the body's metabolic function.

When you feel tired, wake up from thirst when you sleep, or when you want to drink water, you should drink more water.

The frequency of urination is about four to five times a day, and the urine should preferably be transparent. If it is yellow, it means that the body is already dehydrated.


Don't burrow into your sleeping bag immediately after arriving at camp. Eat a good and adequate dinner and hot drinks, take a walk before sleep,take no sweat as the standard, warm your body and then sleep well.

The bulkiness of the sleeping bag - the sleeping bag does not warm or heat itself, it just slows or reduces the body's heat release (the best way is for the body to store more heat).

Because the new sleeping bag is squeezed for too long in the sleeping bag cover, when it is first used, the bulkiness will be slightly worse and not warm enough. It is best to spread out the sleeping bag after setting up the tent to make it fluffy. The longer the time, the better the sleeping pad, which is quite bulky and comfortable.


Any wet sleeping pad can be overwhelming and uncomfortable. If a waterproof sleeping bag cover is not available, use a large garbage bag instead. Keep the outer tent or the corner of the inner tent away from the sleeping bag.

In bad weather, the inner tent will collect water droplets, so the windows of the tent should be slightly opened to allow the tent to be ventilated. When the rain is over, the sleeping bag can be taken out and dried, and if it is snowing, it can be directly spread in the tent.


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