Naturehike Outdoor Camping Nylon TPU Inflatable Mattress For 2 Person

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  • 【Comfortable Sleep】The rhombus-shaped tracheal design provides good support and facilitates air circulation.Let you in the outdoors as in the home bed. The inflatable thickness is up to 6.5cm, and the multi-trachea disperses the pressure, which is comfortable and soft, and the support is strong.
  • 【Wear-resistant And Waterproof】40D nylon TPU fabric. The air cushion is more wear-resistant and anti-air leakage than ordinary air cushions.Because we using a unique double-layer composite laminating process.
  • 【Small And Portable】The air cushion is small in size and has an ultra-light weight. Each air cushion comes with a detachable life-saving bracelet and carabiner. At the same time, we come with a storage bag, you can easily store and carry it when you travel, bringing you a caring travel experience. Size: 120×200×6.5cm Storage size: 12×30cm Weight: 1200g
  • 【Fast Inflation And Deflation】Double-layer air valve.The first layer contains a one-way inflation system to prevent air leakage, and the second layer can be quickly deflated when opened.
  • 【Multifunctional Inflatable Bag】Double inflatable cushions of all colors will send inflatable bags. Inflate more effortlessly with it. This is a multifunctional inflatable bag. It can be used as a waterproof storage bag to store your personal belongings. It can also be used as a water storage bag.Please discarding the bulky,why not do it with the bucket. Navy,gray,green Mattress will send a survival ring to help you use it in the wild.


Model NH19Z055-P
Nylon TPU,TPU(nozzle)
About 120*200*6.5cm (mat),70*35cm (Inflatable bag)
Storage size
About 30*Φ(12)cm
About 1.0kg (mat),0.1kg (Inflatable bag)
Blue,orange(Without life ring)
Navy,gray,green(With life ring)

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