What is the Difference between Camping and Glamping


Camping has been around for millennia, if not millennia, but glamping is a relatively new thing. Glamping is clearly camping plus glamour, or glamorous camping. In other words, high-end camping. While the rule may be a simple tent and sleeping bag, glamping usually entails more comfort and luxury. Perhaps a camper van or RV. Perhaps there are other options for entertainment besides reading a book by flashlight.

  • What you will stay in
  • Where you will sleep
  • Where you will use the restroom
  • How you will cook
  • How you will shower
  • How you will control the temperature
  • What you will eat for dinner
  • How you will get your water


naturehike glamping tent

What you will stay in

Camping: Tent camping entails bringing your own tent and pitching it in a remote location to experience nature in its most basic form.

Glamping: Yurt Glamping consists of a pre-assembled framed shelter in a natural setting, complete with amenities such as a refrigerator and electricity. It is also a short distance from restaurants and attractions.

Where you will sleep

Camping: Tent camping involves a sleeping bag on the ground under the stars.

Glamping: Glamping includes a comfortable queen size bed with clean sheets under a see-through dome looking up at the stars.

naturehike tent

Where you will use the restroom

Camping: Take your pick of the best tree in the forest while camping. Camping has many benefits of getting back to nature but this is not one of them.

Glamping: Take your pick of the best stall in the woodsy themed restroom while glamping.

How you will cook

Camping: Gathering firewood and roasting marshmallows over an open fire is a fun way to spend time while camping.

Glamping: RV glamping is a great way to enjoy roasted marshmallows while also eating a home-cooked meal.

How you will shower

Camping: Most campers do not shower at all because it is part of the fun of camping. If you can't stand the smell any longer, there are a few portable options.

Glamping: Glampers, on the other hand, have fully functional bathrooms, usually with nice showers. You can enjoy a spa-like retreat at this Beach Retreat.

naturehike camping shower

How you will control the temperature

Camping: There are a few ways to regulate the temperature in your tent. You have the option of opening or closing the tent flap, using a lighter or thicker sleeping bag, or wearing lighter or thicker clothing.

Glamping: When you glamp, you don't have that problem because most accommodations have air conditioning and heating.

What you will eat for dinner

Camping: Camping food is an experience you won't want to miss. Delicious foods include hot dogs, s'mores, and even dutch oven cooking.

Glamping: Glamping simplifies cooking. Most yurts, RV parks, and cabins have a grill or oven to use, as well as a refrigerator to store a wider variety of foods.

How you will get your water

Camping: When camping you want to find the nearest clean stream to find your water, and even then you may need to filter it or boil it to be safe.

Glamping: Most glamping accommodations come with a water source with filtered water available.

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