5 advice to choose a sleeping bag

How to choose a suitable sleeping bag is very important for camping. Outdoor activities can not be without a sleeping bag. The quality of the sleeping bag is related to the quality of the camper’s sleep, sometimes a sleeping bag also can save a camper’s life.

Choosing a sleeping bag depends on the camper’s hobby, purpose, size, or any related to the camper.


 1. Temperature scale

There will be four sets from Europe standard En13537 temperature scale data to show you which one is you need.

Upper limit:

Male can sleep don not feel too hot with arms outside of the bag.


Females can sleep comfortably and relax.

Lower limit:

Male can sleep up to 8 hours without wake up of the cold.


Female will not dead by lost temperature in 6 hours.

For example, this is one of our brand’s sleeping bags: CW300 Mummy Down Sleeping bag


As you can see tags, (Red) comfort: 9℃, (Orange) Limit: 4℃, (Blue) Extreme: -10℃. It means you can use this sleeping bag in temperature between 9℃ to -10℃.

So when you choose a sleeping bag, please see the temperature tag first.


2. Shape of sleeping bag

It is divided into MummySquare, Pocket.

Mummy sleeping bag in the same condition is warmer than the other two. But the comfort also is the worst.

Warmth retention:

Mummy> Square> Pocket




3. Type of sleeping bag

Traditional sleeping bag:

This type of sleeping bag all has zippers and a wind pillow. It is very suitable for 3-season outdoor activities.

lightweight sleeping bag

Lightweight sleeping bag:

This sleeping bag achieves the ultimate in warmth and weight, If you want a low-weight sleeping bag, this one is the best for you.

Camping sleeping bag:

This Sleeping bag is very heavy, but comfort is more better and cost-effective. If you are self-driving travel, you can choose that one.

Women sleeping bag:

As you can see it is designed for women, the size, needed or shape are all reference women.


Kids sleeping bag:

It is the same as a women’s sleeping bag, design for kids, and has a smaller size.


4. Filling of sleeping bag

90 goose down


It is divided into goose down and duck down.

In the same condition, Larger filling volume, the warmth retention is better.

Down content: Down is composed of feathers and down. The feathers have a supporting effect, and the down has more warmth retention performance. Goose down content can be up to 90%-95% and duck down up to 85%-90%, so goose down warmth retention is better and waterproof retention also is better than duck goose.

Bulkiness: 1oz down’s volume call bulkiness. With the higher bulkiness of down, the warmth protection is better and also easier to compress. 

Synthetic material:

It is divided into Spray cotton, four-hole cotton, seven-hole cotton, 3M Th-insulate cotton, polar-guard 3D/HV cotton.

The synthetic material sleeping bag can keep warm in the wet state. But the weight of the synthetic material sleeping bag is heavier and compression is also worse than a down sleeping bag.

So synthetic material is suitable in wet environments or people who do not know how to keep equipment dry.


5. Other advice

Using a sleeping bag, please keep it dry. Wet sleeping bag warmth will be reduced especially down sleeping bag, put it into a waterproof bag in wet or raining weather. When down sleeping bag got wet, you need to dry it as soon as possible.

Usage: Down sleeping bag can use up to 10 years, but a synthetic material sleeping bag is 3-4 years old.

Clean: down sleeping bag wash by special cleaner every 4 years, and can wash 3 times. Synthetic can use by machines directly.


In conclusion

There are many types of the sleeping bags, to choose a sleeping bag is the same as other equipment, the most expensive is not the best choice, suitable for your need or outdoor activities is the most important.





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