How to choose camping water bottle?

Water is one of the most basic and important conditions to ensure the quality and safety of outdoor activities. If we only rely on natural water sources, the water shortage will not solve in time, but instead will bring about various problems due to water shortage.

So have a good water bottle to watch to avoid a lot of trouble! So how to choose camping water bottle?

  • No leakage
  • Easy carry
  • Special design

No leakage

No leakage the word contains two meanings: on the one hand, it is solid, and on the other hand, it is safe. The wild environment is uncertain and bumps are difficult to avoid. If the water bottle is not strong enough, the consequences can be imagined.

How to choose camping water bottle?

Similarly, if its opening is not tightly closed, not only will it lose its precious drinking water in the wild, but it may also wet the clothes and equipment that you carry with you. If food, clothing, and other important items are killed, it can kill you in some extreme circumstances.

Easy carry

Portability, there are many cases of using camping water bottle, sometimes on bicycles, sometimes on rock walls, which puts forward requirements on the portability of water bottles.

How to choose camping water bottle?

And some containers made of soft materials, such as hydration bags and leather water bottles, have an irreplaceable advantage. Their volume and shape can be changed according to needs, which is undoubtedly a boon for your overloaded backpack.

Special design

Special using Design, the outdoor environment is uncertain, and there are many kinds of outdoor sports. The water bottle needs to suit or be used in any environment. In those situations where only one hand can be used to drink water, a bottle mouth design that can be opened and closed with one hand or with teeth is particularly important.

When there are many people and there is a need for camping and picnic, foldable bottle Buckets will effectively meet the camp's water needs. In harsh conditions like high altitudes or polar regions, an insulated water bottle that keeps your water from freezing will give you peace of mind.

How to choose camping water bottle?

Compared with other water equipment, sports water bottles have become the basic configuration of outdoor enthusiasts because of their durability, safety, convenience, and insurance, and the ability to choose different colors and styles according to personal preferences.

How to choose a sports bottle that is reassuring, affordable, and safe to drink has become an important issue that cannot be ignored.

Material of Water Bottle

  • Soft glue
  • Hard glue
  • Pure aluminum

Soft glue

the white opaque bicycle water bottle that accounts for a large market share is made of it. Generally, there is a small triangular mark at the bottom of the plastic container, and there is an Arabic numeral in the middle of the mark, from 1-7. Each of these numbers represents a material, and there are also different taboos in their use.

Generally, the soft rubber water bottle is made of "2" HDPE or "4" LDPE. "2" plastic is relatively stable and can be heat-resistant to 120 degrees Celsius, but "4" plastic cannot be directly filled with boiling water, and the maximum water temperature cannot exceed 80 degrees, otherwise it will release plastic preparations that cannot be decomposed by the human body. There is always a bad gum smell.

Hard glue

Hard glue is more heat-resistant and cold-resistant. Also, look at the bottom of it first. There is also a small triangle with the number in the middle being "7". "7" is the PC code, because it is transparent and resistant to falling, and is widely used in making water bottle, drinking glasses, and feeding bottle.

However, the PC-made water bottle will release the environmental hormone BPA (bisphenol A) when it is heated, which has adverse effects on the human body.​

Pure aluminum

The high-end aluminum water bottle has a coating on the inner layer, which is said to prevent bacteria and avoid direct contact between aluminum and boiling water to generate carcinogens. Aluminum produces harmful chemicals when exposed to acidic liquids (juice, soda, etc.).

On the other hand, pure aluminum is relatively soft, and it is most afraid of bumps, and it will be uneven when it is dropped. The shape is not a big problem. The most fear is that the coating will be pulled apart and lose its original protective function, which is equivalent to nothing.

But unfortunately, it turns out that these synthetic coatings also contain BPA.

Types of outdoor sports water bottle

  • Metal water bottle

  • Pure aluminum sports bottle

Metal water bottle

  • First, this water bottle has a special round reinforcing rib at the bottom, which can prevent the water bottle from being seriously deformed when it falls.
  • This kind of water bottles realizes the non-equal wall processing technology, that is, the wall of the water bottle body is the thinnest and the thickness gradually increases to the mouth and bottom of the kettle, which not only reduces the weight of the water bottle itself but also makes it more rigid.
  • Another special point is the processing technology of its coating, which adopts the hot-melt spraying method, that is, the coating material is heated and melted and then sprayed on the inner wall of the water bottle by the electrostatic spraying method, so there is no smell. The inner coating surface is not only hygienic and durable but also can be used for carbonated and fruit acid beverages

What are the characteristics of a riding water bottle:

  • Health is the most important, and the material must be safe and reliable. I choose stainless steel.
  • there must be no gum smell and other peculiar smells when you drink it. What you put in it should be what it tastes like. Resist the feeling of a gum smell when you drink it. High-quality aluminum pots and stainless steel pots can do it.
  • The structure is simple, and the inner coating is not allowed, because it will peel off one day. This stainless steel meets my requirements.
  • It must be able to hold boiled water. When begging for water in restaurants or from people on the roadside, it is often hot water in a thermos or just boiled water. Generally, it does not take such a long time to cool before filling the pot. Coated aluminum pots, stainless steel pots will do.
  • Can hold other beverages, such as tea, milk, juice, coffee, etc. If it is not loaded at high temperatures, transparent hard glue pots and stainless steel pots can be used, but if it is scalding hot, the only choice is stainless steel pots.
  • Easy to clean, stainless steel is the easiest to clean.
  • Durable and always new. Stainless steel is better than pure aluminum, and stainless steel is newer than plastic.
  • In an emergency, you can directly set fire to boil water.

Pure aluminum sports bottle

One factor is the wall thickness of the water bottle. The wall thickness of the water bottle is 0.7mm. An intuitive feeling for judging the thickness of the wall of the water bottle is that if you compare it in your hand, the weight of the water bottle with the thinner wall will be lighter.

How to choose camping water bottle?

If the purity of the aluminum used in the sports bottle is not high, or the wall thickness is cut corners, it is easy to dent, crash, or even burst due to collision or falling during use. Generally, the higher the purity of the aluminum material used in sports water bottle, the better the wall thickness will be, the better the strength and toughness of the sports water bottle will be, and the stronger the ability to resist collision and impact will be.

The inner coating of the sports bottle is pretty important!

It is dangerous of Excessive intake of aluminum. The inner coating of the sports bottle solves the problem of isolation: the water, juice, milk, coffee, and other beverages in the sports bottle are isolated from the aluminum body.

The inner coating of the water bottle make with more than 20% resin, additives at 1%, and other are solvents. The safe and reliable are depend on the quality of the water bottle. First of all, whether the inner coating material itself is safe and will not cause harm to human health. In addition, the spraying quality of the inner coating inside the bottle is uniform and sticky. It is firmly attached and has the necessary thickness to ensure the reliability of the isolation between the beverage and the aluminum jug.

How to choose camping water bottle?

The lid of the general sports water bottle is composed of two parts: the lid and the gasket. In the process of use, the general sports water bottle will stick to the spout part since the quality of the general sports water bottle is not too hard, and the gasket will be squeezed for a long time because of the tightening, cold or hot temperature factors. , and sometimes lost to affect the reuse of the kettle.

A good sports bottle adopts secondary injection molding technology, which directly integrates the gasket and the lid, which not only achieves a good sealing effect but also fundamentally eliminates the possibility of separation.

The tightness of the spout part depends on the fit between the lid and the spout threads. If the degree of fit is not high enough, water leakage may occur during normal use, which will bring a lot of inconveniences to using. Many people must have had some unpleasant experiences in this regard.

In addition, the edges of the threads of almost all sports bottle spouts are now sharp, and although scratching fingers and lips are not very common, it still happens occasionally. A good sports bottle will have a more humane processing and treatment, that is, the edge of the thread is made into an arc, which eliminates the possibility of scratching fingers and lips even if it is extremely unlikely.

How to choose camping water bottle?

How to identify the quality of the inner coating of the aluminum sports bottle

If a good sports water bottle is carefully observed, there will be some obvious performances in the details: the surface and interior of a good sports bottle will be very flat, without exposed bottom, blisters, depressions, or protrusions caused by impurities; the silkscreen pattern of the bottle body.

The printing color is uniform, the edge is clear, the color registration is accurate, the adhesion is firm, and there is no stain; in addition, on the lid, because of the different materials, the color, luster, and texture will be different, and you can feel the quality is higher.

There will be logos on the lid and the bottom of the water bottle. 


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