Tips for Camping in the Rain


Rainy camping isn’t a problem when you have insider tricks and tips. Here we have some ideas on how to make life easier when camping in the rain. 

  • Prepare and check everything
  • Stay grounded
  • Let it air out
  • Keep it breezy
  • Wrap it up
  • Stay dry when setting up
  • Dry quarantine your tent
  • Slide off shoes
  • Pack your waterproofs
  • Pack plenty of spare socks
  • Choose where you pitch your tent carefully
  • Position your tent correctly
  • Tent tension

Prepare and check everything

Make sure your equipment (tent, caravan etc.) is waterproof.

Stay grounded

Pack an extra groundsheet for added protection, one for under your tent and one for the floor inside.

Let it air out

Your camping unit needs sufficient ventilation to prevent any condensation.

naturehike tent

Keep it breezy

Open your vents, it may seem like the opposite of what you should be doing on a rainy day but you need to keep the fresh air circulating.

Wrap it up

Take plastic bags of all shapes and sizes to protect items from getting wet and to store wet shoes and clothes.

Stay dry when setting up

If you’re pitching a tent in the rain, you’ll be pretty miserable if the inside and your belongings get wet in the process.

Dry quarantine your tent

Don’t allow anything wet to make it into your living areas. 

naturehike tent

Slide off shoes

This prevents wet footprints in your living area.

Pack your waterproofs

A waterproof jacket and trousers are great when the weathers miserable.

Pack plenty of spare socks

Having cold, wet feet is the worst. Pack lots of extra pairs and make sure you keep a dry pair that you only wear inside the tent.  

Choose where you pitch your tent carefully

You want to stay away from large bodies of water, muddy puddles, ditches etc.

naturehike tent

Position your tent correctly

Position the door of your tent to face the opposite direction to the wind. When you unzip your door, you’ll get less windswept rain inside!

Tent tension

Make sure there’s plenty of tension on your tent so water doesn’t pool on your fly sheet.

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