Why We Should Go Camping


You may be wondering why you should go camping. It is one of the most authentic ways to experience the great outdoors, but perhaps you dislike dirt, bugs, or the great outdoors in general. Still, you should go camping at least once in your life. This is why.

  • It Connects You with Nature
  •  It’s Your Chance to Unplug and Digitally Detox
  • Camping is affordable
  • It's a time to feel small and insignificant
  • You can really be alone
  • Your friends will be inspired
  • You Can Develop Some Life Skills
  • Improve Health
  • Strengthen Relationships

It Connects You with Nature

Spending time in the midst of it can help you reconnect with nature. You will be able to enjoy the natural beauty and peace while learning about how the world works.

naturehike tent

 It’s Your Chance to Unplug and Digitally Detox

Camping allows us to disconnect from the constant barrage of blue light, screens, and notifications that pervade our daily lives. When you "unplug," you will find relief in not having to constantly check your phone, and a break from social media and the news can help you truly relax.

Camping is affordable

When it comes to vacation spending money, many families can save money by going camping in the woods. Camping equipment can now be purchased for very little money at many big-box stores, with the biggest cost usually being the gas to get to the campground.

It's a time to feel small and insignificant

Take a star chart for your region or an app like Star Walk with you and delve into the mysteries of the universe. Most problems will seem insignificant in comparison to what's above your head. Some parks and campgrounds even offer nighttime and stargazing activities.


You can really be alone

Solitude is often difficult to come by these days, and most people dislike it, but it can have enormous restorative powers on your well-being. By removing yourself from your regular obligations, the pressures and responsibilities you face at work, or even social demands, you give yourself the opportunity to become more self-aware.

naturehike tent

Your friends will be inspired

Post a few photos of your camping trip to Grand Teton, Moab or the Great Smoky Mountains and many people will wish they had gone camping, too.

You Can Develop Some Life Skills

Camping necessitates relying on yourself and your companions to meet your basic needs, such as purifying water, building a fire, surviving the elements, and being alone with your thoughts. However, these abilities provide you with confidence and self-worth that will carry over into other aspects of your life. With a little effort and direction, you'll be setting up tents in no time!

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Improve Health

Camping is good for the body (and mind). The physical demands of backcountry camping clearly qualify as exercise. However, any type of camping has health benefits. Some are straightforward, such as camping or hiking. Outside, mental health improves. Researchers discovered a link between outdoor activity and a reduction in depressive thoughts. Sleeping under the stars allows you to reconnect with your natural circadian rhythms, which is the foundation for good sleep and health.

Strengthen Relationships

When you go to parks, natural areas, or even your own backyard to spend a few days and nights outside, the company you keep is important. For entertainment, face-to-face conversations have surpassed personal technological devices. And shared experiences shape the memories that form the foundation of lifelong relationships. Camping allows you to get back to basics without distractions. Telling stories. We're keeping quiet together. Enjoying a dehydrated meal as if it were a four-star meal.

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