What is camping?

What is camping

Camping in the wild, which used to be a kind of military or sports training project, has now become a leisure activity for ordinary people. Camping generally requires a bonfire, which can not only prevent the invasion of wild animals, but also can be used for burning, roasting, boiling, or heating camping food, so it is very important to make a fire for camping.

Camping is a leisure activity in which campers usually carry tents and leave the city to camp in the wild for one or more nights. Camping is often linked to other activities such as hiking, fishing, or swimming.

Camping has been introduced into people's daily education and recreational sports many years ago. The most influential collective camping activity in the world is "Muslim Youth Camping".

What is camping?

Camping types

Camping can be basically divided into three types, the first is regular camping, the second is trailer camping, and the third is special form camping.

Regular camping

It refers to campers walking or driving vehicles to the camping site, usually in valleys, lake-sides, and seasides. Campers can make bonfires, barbecues, picnics, or sing. This is also the most common camping activity. Travelers who often do such activities, and Like other outdoor sports enthusiasts, also known as backpackers.

Trailer camping

It refers to driving a special travel vehicle, also known as a mobile home vehicle, to camping in the wild. Usually, such a trailer is like a house, with heating or air-conditioning equipment, as well as electricity supply and even a kitchen. Such campers usually do not. Known as a backpacker.

Special form camping

It refers to camping for special activities, such as long-distance rock climbing. Long-distance rock climbing may take several days. In order to rest, campers hang their tents on the edge of the cliff to camp. This kind of camping is very dangerous and exciting.

What is camping?

Full camping Advice

Camping checklist

→ Camping Checklist

The camping checklist help you to prepare any camping gear that you need!

Camping Gear







  • Anti-insect supplies
  • cleaning supplies
  • Medicine
  • Compass

 How to choose a camping mattress/sleeping pad

 How to choose camping hat?

 How to choose Camping Shoes?

What is camping?

Camping tent

→ How to choose a tent?

→ How to set up a Tent?

Camping tent is a necessary equipment of camping, it help you to know how to set up a tent, how to choose right place to set up, and any camping tent advice for you

Steps to set up a tent:

  • Check the integrity of the tent and accessories
  • Choose a suitable location
  • Lay out the floor mats
  • Assemble the accessories
  • Assemble the tent Fixed tent
What is camping?

Camping tips

 Camping Tips

Some dangers that may be Faced in camping?

  • Human factors
  • Environment
  • Climate
  • Mixed factors

→ Hiking for beginner

→ Day Hiking Checklist

What is camping?

How to get water in the wild

 How to get water in the wild?

7 Ways to Get water in the Wild:

  • Use your own five senses
  • According to the climate and ground dry and wet conditions
  • Find water according to plant growth
  • Find water according to the activities of animals and insects
  • Find water according to weather changes
  • Get water directly from plants
  • Other ways to find water
What is camping?

How to get fire in the wild

 How to get fire in the wild?

we will provide some suggestions and methods to help you how to get fire in the wild.

  • Hit stones
  • use battery
  • Drilling wood/ bow drilling
  • Magnifying glass/convex lens to make fire
  • Use Rattan
  • Flint


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