Naturehike P300/400 cotton Sleeping Bag

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If it is not suitable for a long time, try not to compress it for storage, and keep the sleeping bag fluffy. If the sleeping bag is stored in a compression bag for a long time, it will lose the elasticity of the thermal layer and reduce the thermal performance. Proper exposure can prolong the service life.


  • Breathable and Soft: The water-repellent and breathable pongee fabric is filled with washed cotton. Soft and skin-friendly, water repellent wind proof collar.
  • Machine Washable: Please use neutral detergent or special sleeping bag cleaner to clean the sleeping bag. Before machine washing, turn the sleeping bag outwards, pull up all zippers and fasten the buckles. The washing machine chooses warm water and mild mode, do not use the spin-drying function.
  • Design features: The waist is designed on both sides of the sleeping bag, which improves the warmth of the key parts of the waist and abdomen. A take-up rope is added to the head to avoid head temperature loss. The chest is widened by 80 cm so that the sleeping bag is not crowded. Three-dimensional support of the feet gives more space to the feet. The whole sleeping bag not only has enough space for movement, but also has strong warmth retention.
  • Size: P300 and P400 are the same in size, but with different cotton content. This sleeping bag is suitable for people with a height of 190 cm and below.
  • Wide Range of Uses: Outdoor, car overnight, camping, winter camping, fishing, BBQ, home, mountaineering, mountain, camping, earthquake disaster prevention, tent overnight, car camping, celestial observation, snow mountaineering, tourism, winter mountain use, flower viewing, Company disability, disasters, own mattresses, replacement quilts, sleeping bags and other occasions can show their talents.







P300: 36*25cm

P400: 38*28cm


P300: 1.5kg

P400: 1.85kg


Fabric: Pongee
Lining: Washed cotton
Filling: feather-like cotton